Amazing M&M’s Candy Rainbow Experiment

This has got to be one of the coolest kids’ experiments that I’ve tried! (Yes, I’m easily impressed!) It’s quite simple to do and doesn’t take much to do it, but it has a lot of WOW factor! Grab a plate that slopes in towards the center a little (plain white is best if you have one), some M&M’s candies or Skittles candies and a some water. Here we go! This is the plate I used:

A few M&M’s…

Line the outside edge of the plate with the candies. I suggest alternating the colors for the best effect.

Slowly pour water into the center of the plate.

Keep pouring the water until the candies are mostly or completely covered.

The magic is beginning to happen…can you see it? Look at the red and orange candies…

Now you can see it, can’t you?! 🙂

Here comes the rainbow!!

You don’t need to touch or move anything. The rainbow happens all by itself!

Almost touching in the middle!

Ta dah!! How cool is that?!

I’m guessing you are hearing a lot of “ooo’s” and “ahh’s” about now! 🙂 It’s a very simple but quite entertaining experiment! Hope you have fun trying it! I know I did! 🙂

Taste Testing Tuesday #44 – Ice Cream!

“You scream, I scream, We all scream for ice cream!” Have you heard that saying before? One tidbit I read said it came from the original “I-Scream Bar” or what later became known as the Eskimo Pie. Be that as it may, who is ready to taste test some ice cream?! Ooooo, ME, of course! There are soooooo many combinations when it comes to ice cream and ice cream toppings but for today, we will use Breyer’s vanilla ice cream and try 6 different toppings on it. Ready? Are you drooling? Let’s go!

#1.) We’ll start with plain vanilla ice cream. Maybe you don’t need anything else on your ice cream! Maybe you prefer it just as it is. 🙂

#2.) Hershey’s Chocolate syrup. Mmm! When I eat vanilla ice cream with Hershey’s chocolate syrup, it takes me back to when I was a little girl and I stayed at my grandparents house overnight. Grandma would often give us vanilla ice cream with Hershey’s chocolate syrup drizzled over it for a snack before bed. So yummy!

#3.) Caramel syrup. My husband is a big fan of caramel syrup.

#4.) Strawberry topping or fresh strawberries. We used to eat vanilla ice cream this way at my other set of grandparents. 😉

#5.) Chopped up Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups. Ooohhh, this is soooo good! (Ok, yep, this one wins first place for me!) Who can resist peanut butter covered in milk chocolate?!

#6.) Sprinkles!! Remember sprinkles make everything better, right?! 😉

#7.) Banana Split. In case you never had one, a banana split has pieces of bananas on the bottom, topped with ice cream and 2 or 3 toppings with nuts and whip cream. This one has bananas, vanilla ice cream, chocolate syrup, strawberry topping and chopped roasted pecans. Yuuuuummmm! (Well, maybe THIS one is my favorite?)

Of course, there are many, many more ways to eat vanilla ice cream! How do you usually eat it? Which way is your favorite? Did you NOT like any of these toppings? I liked them ALL! (Which could be why my clothes are fitting tighter than they were! Oops!) I hope you’ll have an ice cream taste testing party at your house! 🙂

Let’s Make a Crazy Hair Octopus!

Welcome to another week of fun with The Kids Niche! Today we’re making a crazy hair octopus! Won’t you join us? 🙂

Just some simple supplies are needed for this project…an empty toilet paper roll, 2 wiggly eyes, some markers or crayons, some yarn, glue, a pencil, a ruler and a pair of scissors.

Let’s start by working on the octopus body. Measure up about 2″ and make a pencil mark all around the toilet paper roll.

Next, make a small mark on one end of the roll and a second mark that is about half way around the roll on the other side. Can you see the 2 little marks?

Using your scissors, cut on one of the little marks straight up until you reach the 2 inch line.

Turn the roll around and make another cut the same way on the second small mark. Next cut the two pieces in half so you have 4 sections on that end of the toilet paper roll.

Cut each of the 4 sections in half so that you end up with 8 sections.

What part of an octopus has 8 pieces? It’s legs, right? The 8 sections will become the 8 legs on your octopus. 🙂

Let’s switch to working on the crazy hair part now. We will be making a pom-pom for the crazy hair. Cut a piece of yarn around 6-7 inches long and lay it out on a flat surface like a table or countertop.

Now take the end of yarn that is still attached to the skein/ball of yarn you are using and place it across your hand like in this picture:

You will now be wrapping the yarn around your hand approximately 50 times. You can use 3 fingers for an adult or wrap around a child’s whole hand.

After you’ve wrapped the yarn 50 times, cut the end of the yarn you were wrapping with. Carefully slide the wrapped yarn off the fingers, keeping it together in a bunch and lay it on top of the first piece of yarn you cut. The wrapped bundle should be placed on the piece of yarn so its approximately in the center of the wrapped bundle.

Using your first piece of yarn, tie it in a knot around the wrapped bundle. You will have loops on both sides of the knot.

Use your scissors to cut through the loops on both ends.

Using your fingers, fluff the pom-pom until it resembles a ball shape.

Trim any pieces of yarn that are extra long and sticking out.

Let’s go back to the octopus body now. Using your markers or crayons, color the entire outside area of the toilet paper roll.

Using your pencil, carefully roll each of the 8 leg sections (one at a time) up around your pencil.

Slide the pencil out and unroll the leg as much as you like.

After rolling each of the eight legs, your octopus might look something like this:

Glue on the 2 wiggly eyes.

Your octopus is taking shape! 🙂

Put a line of glue all around the top edge of your octopus.

Place the crazy hair in place and hold for a little bit while the glue starts to set up.

Give your octopus a smile with a marker!

And your crazy hair octopus is finished! 🙂 Great job! Find a nice place to put him/her so everyone can enjoy seeing him/her! I hope you had fun making your crazy hair octopus!

Simple Fun For Lunch

Do you and your kids get tired of the same boring things to eat for lunch? Here’s a simple fun idea for snazzing things up a bit. Grab some slices of cheese and a few small cookie cutters…and your kids favorite lunch sandwich.

Start with a couple slices of cheese…

Use a few small cookie cutters to cut shapes out of the cheese slices.

Arrange the cheese cut-outs on a small plate.

Take the sandwich a use a knife to cut it into shapes too. I placed a star cookie cutter on the sandwich and used the knife to cut around the outside edges of the cookie cutter. Ta dah! You have a star sandwich for lunch instead of a plain boring one. 😉

That’s a fun way to change things up a bit and make life more interesting! Be sure to save the leftover bits of cheese for another use like on top of a salad. Mom or Dad can eat the leftover bits of sandwich, right? 😉

Letting the kids use the cookie cutters will make it even more fun! 😉 I wanted to use slices of watermelon to cut out some fruit shapes, but we didn’t have any watermelon on hand. Maybe you can try that and let me know how it goes! Here’s to a yummy fun lunchtime!

Cute Animals That Will Melt Your Heart!

Do you love animals? Most kids love them and when I came across these pictures on Instagram, I just had to share them here. As you share these pictures with your kiddos, I’m pretty sure you will both say “Awww!” before you finish. 😉 These adorable animals are sure to bring out the smiles and the grins!

Taxi, please!!

Credit to safarigallery

A new Spring bonnet…

Credit to travelsfervor

I’ve got you!

Credit to animalsonland

Cuteness overload!

Credit to colourfulwildlife_

Splish, splash, I was taking a bath!

Credit to safarigallery

Beauty nestled in beauty…

Credit to thewildcapture

Well, hello there!

Credit to joysafaribay

Butterflies leaving Mexico!

Credit to planetfervor

Pretty bird! Does your head itch?

Credit to geosafaris

Whooo goes there?! Why are you upside down?

Credit to animalcritter

Say “cheese!”

Credit to thewildcapture

Ok, admit it! Did you say “Aww!”? 😉 These pictures are just so cute you can’t help it! Which one is your favorite? I can’t decide because I like all of them! I hope this post made you smile and it brightens your day! 🙂

Taste Testing Tuesday #43 – Jello Gelatin

Hello again! Are you ready to take on another Taste Testing Tuesday? One thing that lots of kids love to eat is Jello brand gelatin! It’s easy to make and fun to watch it jiggle and wiggle on your spoon. 😉 But what flavor tastes the best? Hmm…we need to have a taste test! Here are a few flavors I found in our local grocery store:

#1.) Strawberry

#2.) Black Cherry

#3.) Orange

#4.) Lemon-Lime

Those are some of the pre-made Jello cups, but of course, it also comes in a powdered form in a box. And there are LOTS of flavors!! Let’s see how many more we can name…Cherry, Lime, Raspberry, Apricot, Lemon, Island Pineapple, Berry Blue, Grape, Watermelon, Mango, Strawberry Banana, Cranberry, Peach…WOW! Everyone must be able to find at least ONE flavor they like, right?! So what flavors will you use for your taste test? And which flavor will win the award of being your favorite?

What if you like LOTS of flavors of Jello? Welllll, maybe you could help a grown up make this awesome Jello dessert! Look how many flavors it has!!

7-Layer Gelatin Salad

Ooohhh that looks soooo yummy! If you’d like to make it, just follow this link to the recipe:

7-Layer Gelatin Salad

Now I want to go eat some Jello! How about you? 🙂 Have fun taste testing Jello!

Making Your Own Game

Does your family like to play games together? I’m thinking board games, like Chutes and Ladders, or card games, like Uno. We have played a lot of games in our family over the years and we always have a great time. 🙂 Here’s an activity that your kids might enjoy, especially if they like playing games. And that activity is making your own game! Grab a couple sheets of construction paper (or whatever kind of paper you have handy), some markers and some tape. You’ll need some game markers of some kind and 1 dice when it’s time to play the game you make. Let’s do this!

You can use one or more sheets of paper, depending on the size the paper is and on what size you want your game board to be. I taped 2 pieces of construction paper together to make my board a little larger.

Turn your paper over so you don’t see the tape and let’s begin drawing! Pick where you want the “Start” to be.

Draw a path with 2 lines on your paper from Start to Finish.

Now divide your path into sections.

Add some fun (and not so fun) things along your path that each player must do when/if they land on that particular space.

Here are a few examples that I used for my game.

Yikes! Go to Jail??!

I hope I get to climb the ladder!

Ooo, a shortcut!

Coming down the home stretch! Don’t go to Jail now!

You can use whatever you have handy around the house for your markers for the game. You could use a penny and a dime for 2 players, for example. I found some Lego figures that will work great for playing this game. All you need is 1 dice and you’re ready to play!

The rules for my game would be: Each player rolls the dice and the player that gets the highest number, goes first. Play will continue clockwise. When it is your turn, roll the dice one time and move your marker forward on the path that number of spaces. Do whatever the space says to do. If the space doesn’t have any instructions, your turn is finished. Continue playing in this manner with each player rolling the dice once, moving their marker ahead that number of spaces and doing what the space says to do. The first player to reach or go beyond the Finish space is the winner!

Let the kids make up the rules and the things to write in the spaces. Your game may get a little crazy and you may spend the entire game in Jail, but it’s fun to let the kids have the freedom to control the game. It’s also great to make a game yourself that has a set of rules to follow to help kids learn about following directions. But sometimes, crazy fun is the best fun! 😉 And the things kids can dream up that you have to do can be pretty hilarious!

I hope you will give this a try and you’ll have a ton of fun! Now I need to go find someone to play my new game with me! Maybe I can draft my husband… 😉 LOL

A Crayola Craft for National Donut Day!

Did you eat a donut for National Donut Day? 🙂 Well, here’s a fun craft you can do to continue the fun! Crayola has a great way to make some donut coasters.


Follow this link and have fun!

Fun With Perspective – What Am I?

Looking at things from different perspectives can be a little hard to explain to a child. But here is a way that might help them understand that things look differently depending on how you look at them. And it can be a lot of fun! It’s also a good reminder to us adults, that the way kids see things is different from the way adults see them. Sit down on the floor in your in kitchen and take a look around. Can you see what is on top of the countertop? Do the doors on your cupboards look bigger? What if you need a drink of water, but the faucet is waaaaay above your head? I think you understand what I’m talking about. 😉 So let’s have some fun with the perspective of being really close up to something when you can’t see the whole thing and compare it to the perspective of seeing the whole object. See if your kids (and you!) can guess what each close up picture is before you scroll on to the answer that reveals what you’re looking at. Here we go!

#1.) What is this?

Answer: A quite ripe banana!

#2.) What is this? (Could it be a mountain side with waterfalls?)

Answer: It’s a piece of a dead tree!

#3.) What is this?

Answer: Half an orange!

#4.) What is this?

Answer: A small tomato!

#5.) What is this?

Answer: Salt from the salt shaker!

#6.) What is this?

Answer: Coffee grounds!

#7.) What is this?

Answer: A taco shell!

#8.) What is this? (Is it craters on the moon?)

Answer: A slice of white bread!

#9.) What is this?

Answer: A Ritz cracker!

#10.) What is this?

Answer: A slice of swiss cheese!

#11.) What is this?

Answer: It’s Rusty’s nose! Rusty is our dog. 🙂

Did you guess some of them right or did we fool you? You can use your camera on your cell phone for taking pictures to have handy to entertain the kids when you need a little something more! I hope you enjoyed our little game today! 🙂