Cute Fishing Number Game

I made a quick run to Walmart yesterday and I found this cute fishing number game for only $3.00.

Each fish is a different color and has a certain number of dots on it. There are fish with dots that number from 1 to 10. (I just realized that the fish in the picture are NOT in the correct 1-10 order! Lol That little pink fishy swam out of line!)

The little fishing pole has a magnet on the end and each fish has a little strip of metal on the backside of it. The idea is for your child to use the fishing pole to catch a fish and then say what color the fish is and/or count how many dots the fish has.

I added one thing to this game. I wrote the numbers on the backside of each fish so the kids playing can also see the number written to help them learn what the numbers look like.

A small red bag for storing all the fish and the fishing pole is included in the set.

Little ones will have fun going fishing for these colorful fish and be learning at the same time. 🙂 I hope these are available at your local Walmart store too. Have fun and while you’re at it, sneak in some learning! 😉

A Shaving Cream Treasure Hunt

Ok, that title sounds rather crazy, doesn’t it? Well, it just might be! Lol I saw this idea in a magazine a while back, but we just tried it out today. The most important thing I can tell you about this activity is…#1.) Do it outside and #2.) Put swimming suits on the kids first! Ok, now that we have that out of the way, here’s how it works:

Grab a dishpan, some little washable toys and a can of shaving cream.

Put a little shaving cream in the bottom of the dishpan, then add some of the toys.

Add more shaving cream, then more toys until all the toys have been added. Make sure to end up with shaving cream on the top.

Now comes the part where you go outside! Have your water hose handy! Haha! Tell the kids how many toys are in the tub and let them go digging for them. (This will be the shortest time of the whole activity!) 😉 Let them wash the toys off with the hose.

The next part is where it can get a little crazy so it’s your call just how far you let this proceed. Kids and shaving cream just kinda automatically lead to shaving cream finding its way to a lot of other places besides the dishpan.

Haha! If we had thought of the swim suits earlier, we could have just hosed them down when they were done playing. 😉 But that’s part of summer fun, right? Making messes outside and playing in the water when you’re done! A special thanks to this sweet, tolerant mama for letting her kids try my crazy ideas! I hope you’ll give this a try! Your kids will be glad you did! 🙂

Taste Testing Tuesday #48 – Goldfish Crackers (Bonus games!)

Hi everyone and welcome back for another Taste Testing Tuesday! Today we’ll be tasting Goldfish. Waaaaait a minute!! Do we eat goldfish?? Yuck! Let’s try that again! Today we’ll be tasting Goldfish CRACKERS! Oh, that sounds like a much better idea!! We are testing 4 different flavors of Goldfish crackers today but there are more flavors available. Check your local store to see what they carry.

Let’s look at the 4 flavors we chose to try today.

#1.) Mickey Mouse Special Edition Cheddar.

These are super cool as they have the shapes of goldfish but also the shape of Mickey Mouse’s head.

#2.) Parmesan

These little goldfish are a very light, almost white color. They ARE pretty cute, aren’t they?

#3.) Vanilla Cupcake.

These goldfish are brown in color but oh, so yummy in flavor! Mmm!

#4.) Pizza

Who doesn’t like pizza, right?!

Here we go with our taste testing! Put at least 4 of each flavor in front of each person.

To go along with your taste test, make up a simple chart to record what everyone thinks of each flavor. Something like this works great.

Draw a face in the corresponding box that shows what you think of that flavor. A smiling face means “Yum!”, a straight face means “It’s ok.” and a frowning face means “No, thanks!” Look at the chart in the next picture and you can tell who likes the Vanilla Cupcake Goldfish crackers. 😉

There is also a place on our chart for you to write in which flavor is your favorite. 🙂 If you taste test the special edition Mickey Mouse cheddar goldfish crackers, there is a fun dot-to-dot activity on the back of the package that you can do.

And now for the bonus game! Take a few of each flavor of goldfish crackers and mix them up on a plate. One person closes their eyes and takes 1 goldfish. Be sure someone else sees which type of goldfish they picked up. Now the person eats the goldfish and guesses which flavor it was. How many can you get right?

Whatever flavors of goldfish crackers you decide to try, I hope you have fun doing this taste test! Have fun telling people that you ate goldfish and watch what their reaction is! 😉

Where Do Green Beans Come From?

If you live in a big city, you may not have seen where green beans come from except for a can of green beans, like this one, or a bag of frozen green beans from a grocery store.

If you live in the country, your family might grow green beans in your garden just like our family does. So for those of you who’ve never had the chance to experience growing your own green beans, I’d like to give you a peek into what that looks like. It all starts with preparing an area of dirt or a garden box so you have a place to plant the green bean seeds. You will see green bean seeds in lots of stores in the spring time. There are different types of green beans, but this is the kind we are growing this year.

Here’s a closer up picture of the seeds.

We planted our green bean seeds on May 25th this year and they grew into large plants that look like this:

If you gently move the leaves aside and look underneath, you can see green beans growing there! And they are ready to pick!

I picked a bunch of the green beans off the plants and brought them inside our house.

The way I learned to prepare green beans is to start by laying a piece of newspaper across your lap and add a small pile of beans to it.

Here’s what a fresh green bean, straight from the garden, looks like:

Notice that the bean has a little pointy portion that sticks out on each end. We snip or break both ends off.

Then we snap or break the bean into several pieces. The number of pieces it’s broken into depends on how long the bean is. Here’s about the size we break them into:

Our big pile of green beans yielded this amount of snapped green beans:

The next thing that happens to the green beans is to put them in a dishpan with water and gently scrub them a little between your hands to get them clean.

Now it’s time to cook them! We put them in a large pan and add some water and put the pan on the stove and turn the heat on. We cook them until they soften to our desired tenderness, which might vary from one person to the next.

I’m not sure these pictures actually show the difference, but the beans will change color somewhat as they cook.

The green beans are finally ready to eat! How do you like to eat your green beans? I like them with butter melted on them and sprinkled with some salt! Yum!! They are also very delicious cooked with some ham.

If you have never done your own green beans from “scratch”, I’d like to suggest you look for some fresh green beans in your grocery store or at a nearby farmer’s market. It’s a great experience for kids and adults to prepare their own fresh green beans. (Mind you, after you’ve done several bushels of green beans at one time, it does get rather tiring! Been there, done that! Lol) I hope you’ve enjoyed this glimpse into fresh green beans straight from the garden! 🙂

Make Your Own Matching Card Game

How’s your day going? I hope ok! Today I want to share a super simple way to make your own matching card game. You know, the little cards you line up face down and you turn 2 over at a time and see if they match? Yep, those. 😉 Only a few supplies are needed such as a piece of cardstock or sturdy paper, a ruler, a pencil, a pair of scissors and some stickers.

I used a piece of maroon colored cardstock (8 1/2″ x 11″) and made 12 cards for the game. First you’ll draw lines on the paper to mark the cards into even squares. If you use the same size of paper, your squares can be 2 3/4″. You’ll have just a little bit of extra paper down one side to cut off and discard. (I couldn’t seem to get a good picture of the lines on the paper.)

Cut the squares apart.

Separate the squares into pairs of 2 cards each. You’ll be making 6 sets of matching cards from one piece of paper. Feel free to make more!

Sort through your stickers to find 6 sets of matching stickers.

Make a set of cards by placing 1 sticker on each card, making sure there are 2 identical cards.

And your cards are made! You’re ready to play! Turn all the cards face down and mix them up, then line them up in 3 rows of 4 cards each.

The first player turns over 2 cards. If they match, he/she takes the match and turns over 2 more cards. As long as the player is finding a match, their turn continues. If they don’t find a match, the cards are turned face down again and play moves onto the second player.

A match!

6 matched sets is probably enough for small children, but you might want to make more for kids that are a little older. So easy to make and so simple to play! I hope you’ll have fun making your own game AND playing it! 🙂 Thanks for stopping by!

Taste Testing Tuesday #47 – Fruit Snacks

One thing that most kids seem to like is fruit snacks! They come in many different brands, shapes and flavors. So which one tastes the best? We need to do a Taste Test to find out! For today’s Taste Testing Tuesday, we tried the Great Value Organic Fruit Smiles.

These come in 3 flavors…strawberry, raspberry and cherry.

And just look how cute they are! 🙂 It’s food that smiles back at you!

#1.) Strawberry. This flavor is the lightest colored one in the package.

#2.) Raspberry. Raspberry are the medium colored ones.

#3.) Cherry. The cherry ones are the darkest color.

Make sure everyone has at least one of each color/flavor. You might need to do a little swapping of flavors because each little package is not exactly the same as the next one. We had 3 of each flavor for each person.

Make a quick and simple chart so you can record what each person thinks of each flavor. Something like this chart works well.

Write each person’s name down the left side and the names of each flavor across the boxes at the top.

As each person does a taste test on each flavor, have them draw a face in the corresponding box. A smiling face means “Yum!”. And straight face means “It’s ok”. And a frowning face means “No thanks!”. Here is how our taste test went at our house:

Can you tell who liked the fruit snacks? And who didn’t like them? (Yea, Rick is not really a fan of fruit snacks.) 😉 I wonder what brand and flavors and shapes your fruit snacks will be? I hope you find your favorite! 🙂

Finger Painting Fun!

Grab some newspaper to cover your table and a smock or old shirt to cover the kids and let’s have some fun finger painting! I have fond memories of finger painting when I was little . 😉 I found this inexpensive set of finger paints at Walmart for $4.34.

Yep, they are washable!

There are 6 colors in the set.

I also found some white construction paper for $1.47. (Why do packs of construction paper never have white in them?!)

Don’t forget your most important utensil – damp paper towels for cleaning up! LOL

Newspaper, smock or old clothes, paint and paper…looks like we’re ready to go!

Select your first color…I decided to start with green. There is another kind of plastic lid inside the first lid.

Flower stems and leaves are the beginning of my painting. Just trying something super simple that kids can do. 😉 You need a very small amount of paint on your finger at a time!

Now for some flower petals…

Let’s add a yellow dot to the center of the flowers, a sun in the top corner and some blue streaks in the sky.

Of course, you and the kids can paint anything you want! No brushes needed! You can put a small amount of each color on a styrofoam plate that the kids can dip their finger onto while they are painting. You never know, this might be the beginning work of a future great artist! Have fun!