Taste Testing Tuesday #29 Cauliflower

Yep, you read that right! Today we are tackling cauliflower! I think you will be pleasantly surprised by some of these ideas. I was! Now I am addicted and think I need to run to the grocery store for more cauliflower! Let’s start with…

#1.) Raw cut-up cauliflower.

If you are really lucky, you and your kids will like raw cauliflower just like it is…plain. But if you aren’t so lucky, try using some kind of dip that will add to the raw cauliflower taste. Like Ranch dressing, hummus or guacamole.

#2.) Cauliflower with dip

#3.) Here’s a popular way of eating cauliflower…cooked with cheese melted in it! This was my favorite way to eat cauliflower when I was a kid.

A really cool thing I discovered a little while ago is that you can “rice” cauliflower. Which just means it’s chopped up into very small pieces. You can rice the raw cauliflower yourself or you can buy it already riced and frozen in your local grocery store. To rice cauliflower at home, you put it in a food processor and pulse for just a few seconds at a time until it’s in fine pieces.

#4.) Stir Fried “Rice”. (Riced cauliflower) This turned out so good!! You can make this about any way you like stir fried rice, but this is what I did. I also “riced” a carrot while I was doing the cauliflower. I mixed the 2 together in a bowl.

Heat some oil or butter in a skillet and add the cauliflower/carrot mixture. Cook on a medium to medium high heat, being careful not to let it stick or burn. You might need to add more oil as it cooks. Throw in a few frozen peas and some soy sauce to taste. Beat an egg and pour it over the mixture in the skillet. Continue stirring until the egg has cooked in.

I was a little surprised at how much I liked this dish. If your kids will eat rice, but not veggies, you might try mixing some rice into this too and they will hardly be able to tell it has cauliflower in it. Some stir fried meat added in would be great too.

#5.) Cauliflower Fritters. This was another pleasant surprise that I think I could eat a lot more of! Starting again with the riced cauliflower in a bowl, add in a beaten egg, a little bit of flour, and tiny bit of baking powder, some Italian cheese (or Parmesan or Mozzarella) and some of the dry mix from an Italian salad dressing packet. Mix together and drop by large tablespoons into a heated skillet to which oil or butter have been added and melted. Smash it down a little with the spoon and cook around 2-3 minutes before flipping it over and cooking 2-3 minutes longer on the second side.

Serve with warmed Marinara sauce while the fritters are still hot. YUM!!

These are soooo good! I hope you will find some of these suggestions to your family’s liking! Thanks for joining me today! Happy Taste Testing Tuesday! πŸ™‚

Qtip Dot Snowman

Who is getting tired of snow? We live in Ohio and we still have a LOT of snow. (Just ask our dog, Rusty, because he finds it hard to go potty when the snow is up to his belly!) It’s starting to melt here and I am looking forward to seeing grass again! Today is also windy so being outside is COLD! But we can have fun making a snowman inside today. πŸ™‚

You’ll only need a few supplies…I used half a piece of blue construction paper, 3 Qtips (also called cotton swabs), a small amount of paint (white, black and red) and a small disposable plate.

You’ll probably want to lay some old newspaper down on the table to protect it from any run away paint drops. πŸ˜‰ Lay your piece of construction paper on the newspaper and the small disposable plate. Have the Qtips within reach.

Put a very small amount of white paint onto the plate. I actually put more out then I needed.

Using the end of one Qtip, dip it into the paint and start making dots on the construction paper in the shape of a snowman. I suggest starting at the top with the snowman’s head to avoid laying a hand or arm on the freshly painted dots.

Make a second snowball for the snowman’s belly.

And then a 3rd snowball for the bottom of the snowman.

Now put a very small amount of black paint on the plate. And get a fresh Qtip.

Add dots to make a face…a few dots on his belly for buttons…add black dots for his stick arms…and more dots for his hat.

Now it’s time for a very small amount of red paint to be put on the plate. And grab a third fresh Qtip.

Add some red dots around the snowman’s “neck” to make a scarf.

And you’re finished! Great job! I hope you had fun making a snowman while you stayed inside where it’s warm! πŸ™‚

Riddles to Make You Smile

It’s cold and snowing some more here! I’m trying not to complain but I could use a break from snow! So let’s see if we can tickle your funny bones with some riddles!

#1.) What do you call it when a snowman has a temper tantrum?

Answer: A meltdown! πŸ™‚

#2.) What does a snowman eat for breakfast?

Answer: Frosted Flakes!

#3.) What does a Snowshark give you?

Answer: Frost bites!

#4.) What’s the biggest problem with snow boots?

Answer: They melt!

#5.) What do you call young dogs that play in the snow?

Answer: Slush puppies!

Hope these made you smile! Stay warm!!

Handmade Puzzles for Kids

A lot of people in the United States are buried under snow along with frigid temperatures outside. I’m guessing there are a few moms that are going a bit bonkers with their kids running out of things to do in the house. So here is a fun project you can do at home that doesn’t take any fancy supplies to make. Let’s try your hand at making a handmade/homemade puzzle! You’ll need a picture (can be cut from a magazine or a coloring book, for example), a piece of cardstock or thin cardboard, pencil, ruler, scissors and glue.

First trim your picture to give it a smooth edge.

Spread glue over the entire back side of the picture. You need to cover all of it with glue so that when you cut it into pieces, your picture will be glued on each piece. Place your glued picture on the cardstock or thin cardboard.

Cut the cardstock around the outside edge of the picture.

My picture wanted to curl up so I placed it under a heavy book for a little while. The next step is to turn the picture over. Decide how many pieces you want the puzzle to be and using your pencil and ruler, draw lines for cutting on the back of the puzzle. I made my puzzle into 16 pieces.

Cut the puzzle pieces apart by following the lines you just drew on the back.

Turn the pieces over and your puzzle is complete!

I made a second puzzle so I’ll share those pictures here too. Cut the picture to give it a smooth edge.

Apply glue to the entire back of the picture.

Place the glued picture on the cardstock or thin cardboard.

Cut the cardstock around the outside edge of the picture.

Draw lines on the back of the puzzle for where you want the puzzle pieces to be cut.

Cut the pieces apart with your scissors. Turn the pieces over and you’re done!

You can store your puzzle in an envelope or small box. Depending on the age of the child you are making this for, you can cut it into fewer or more pieces. Kids can have fun making these puzzles for other kids. Let the kids color a picture for making into a puzzle. If more than one child makes a puzzle, they can swap their puzzles back and forth for more fun. I hope you’ve had fun making your own puzzle! πŸ™‚

Taste Testing Tuesday – #28 Valentine Candy

It’s Taste Testing Tuesday again and what’s the one thing that a lot of us probably have on hand right now, right after Valentine’s Day? Valentine’s candy, I bet! Today let’s be silly and have some fun taste testing our candy stash! I’m guessing you have a favorite and a not so favorite, so let’s see what you think! We’re going to take a look at 2 little plates of candy. Here’s the first one:

Oh yum! It’s chocolate! I love chocolate! But there are many, many kinds of chocolate and many things that can be mixed with chocolate. First off we have…

#1.) Hershey’s Special Dark Chocolate. I know I said I love chocolate, but this first one is a “no thanks, not so much!” for me. My husband loves dark chocolate, but I am more of a milk chocolate fan. What about you?

#2.) Hershey’s Mr. Goodbar. NOW you’re talking! This one is one of my favorite kinds of chocolate. I like the peanuts that are mixed in a Mr. Goodbar.

#3.) Hershey’s Milk Chocolate. Yep, this is a good one too! πŸ™‚

#4.) Hershey’s Krackel bar. Another yes, for me! I love the little rice krispies inside.

#5.) Andes Mint Candy. Maybe you don’t think of Andes Mints being available for Valentine’s Day, but we found a small bag of them. Mmmm! Chocolate and mint definitely go together!

On our 2nd little plate of Valentine’s candy, we’ll sample 3 kinds of candy.

#6.) Conversation Hearts candy. I think these are the kind of candy you either really like a lot or you really can’t stand them. I am not too fond of these, though I do think its alot of fun to read the little message on each piece.

#7.) Valentine M&M’s candy. Oooohhhh yea! M&M’s are great! My favorite kind is the peanut M&M’s. This batch is just the plain milk chocolate M&M’s.

#8.) Kinder Joy. These are relatively new to me, but I suspect they are pretty popular with kids.

The egg shaped container splits into 2 halves. One half contains 2 little balls of cocoa wafer bits nestled in layers of a light creamy soft candy and soft chocolate.

The other half contains a toy surprise that you can put together. Which is the reason I think kids probably like these. πŸ˜‰

This one makes a bird. (An eagle maybe?)

But back to taste testing our Valentine’s candy. I think my favorite would be the Mr. Goodbar candy bar. What kind of fun candy did you get for Valentine’s Day? Which one is your favorite and which one is your least favorite? I hope whatever kind of candy you use for your Taste Testing Tuesday, you have fun sampling each one! πŸ™‚

Fingerprint Heart Project

It’s almost Valentine’s Day! Are you looking for a project to keep the kids busy or to add to a Valentine’s Day party? This project is easy to do and looks amazing when you are done. You don’t need many supplies and it doesn’t take long to make it. You’ll need 2 half size pieces of construction paper, a pencil, scissors and a couple of markers or an ink pad. WASHABLE markers or ink is the best! πŸ˜‰ (I’m speaking from experience and from my very colorful finger!)

Keep one piece of your paper for making the project on and the second piece you will need to cut in half.

Take one of the half pieces and fold it in half.

Draw half of a heart on the fold.

Cut out the half heart shape using your scissors.

Put the heart shape aside for another time. Open the heart stencil and lay it on top of the other sheet of paper.

Using your marker or ink pad, put ink on one of your index fingers.

Press your finger onto the paper inside the heart stencil area. (The cut out heart area.) Continue doing this step until you have either made a complete outline of your heart or you have colored the entire heart in with your fingerprints.

When you have finished the number of fingerprints you want to make, remove the stencil.

Isn’t that pretty? You can leave it this way or fill in the rest of the cut out heart area. Actually the stencil looks pretty cool too!

Here is one with the inside of the heart filled in with more fingerprints.

You can use your heart design just to hang it up and make your house look pretty or you can make it into a card to give to someone special on Valentine’s Day. Hope you had fun making your fingerprint heart! πŸ™‚

Another Valentine Card Kids Can Make

Are you still looking for Valentine cards that are simple enough for your kids to make? Here’s another suggestion for you! We’ll call this one the Soda Pop Valentine card. πŸ˜‰ You’ll need a piece of paper, glue, a black marker, colored pencils or crayons, a pencil, scissors, a cut out paper heart and a straw.

I used half a sheet of pink construction paper for my card. I folded it in half to make a nice size for a card. On the front, using a pencil, draw a soda pop bottle.

With a thin line marker or black pen, trace over the bottle you just drew so that it stands out more plainly.

Color in the bottom 2/3 of the bottle whatever color you’d like your pop (soda) to be. I used brown for Root Beer. I wrote the words Root Beer on my bottle but you can write whatever kind of pop you like to drink and color it the same color as the drink you chose.

(Sorry I’m not sure why this picture looks purple!) Now imagine that the straw you have is inside this bottle of pop. (soda) Cut your straw to fit the bottle. Have the bottom of the straw just touching the top of the pop (soda) in your bottle. The top of the straw should stick out above the bottle opening.

Add a line of glue down the length of the straw and hold it in place on your card for just a little bit till the glue can start to set up.

If you have a permanent black marker, you can draw the rim of the bottle on your straw too so it looks more like it is inside the bottle.

Now with a pen or marker write the words, “I “soda” love you!” (I sorta love you!)

Next, you should write on the cut out heart these words…”I love you so much I think my heart might “pop”! πŸ˜‰

Then glue the heart to the inside right hand side of your card.

If you like, you can add some little lines around the outside of the heart to help make the heart look like it’s ready to pop!

And there you are! All finished! Great job! Who will you share your Valentine card with? Remember to sign your name so the person will know you are the one that made this great card for them. πŸ™‚