Day #21 – Lego Advent Calendar

So now that we’ve solved the mystery of why the pictures inside the doors don’t match the Lego sets for each day, (see my previous post) we shall look at what is hiding behind door #21!

Are you ready?

Today’s set doesn’t need to be put together, but oh, it’s a cute one!

Yep, it’s a reindeer! 🙂 (Did you say “Awww!” You can bet I did!) And look, he can be hooked up to Santa’s sleigh! That’s so fun!

Be sure to check back tomorrow! Only 3 more days for our Lego Friends advent calendar!

My Lego Advent Calendar Was Backwards!

Sooo, remember how none of my Lego sets in my Lego Friends advent calendar matched the pictures inside the doors on how to make the sets? Well, I found out that it’s probably because the inside box holding all the sets was put in the outside box backwards.

Yeeeeeah…so I was right, the pictures and the Lego sets SHOULD have been matching up! I guess I should have looked into this problem sooner. So if you have a Lego Friends advent calendar this year, you have likely been seeing your sets in a different order than I’ve posted on here. OOPS! Sorry! This mix up has happened to lots of people. But it’s still been fun! 🙂

Day #20 – Lego Advent Calendar

Hello and welcome to Day #20 of our Lego Friends Advent Calendar!

What do you spy with your little eye behind today’s door?

Let’s take a closer look at those pieces.

If you look back at the inside of door #4, you can see how to make this set.

I put this set together, but I don’t know what it is. Can anyone help me out with that? I’m wondering if it is a game where you spin the wheel? The round part at the top does spin around.

I’ve put it in the Christmas scene by the other game.

Thanks for checking in today! See you tomorrow! 🙂

Day #19 – Lego Advent Calendar

Yes, we are already at day #19 of our Lego Friends Advent Calendar! Only 5 more days of fun before it will be time for Christmas! 🙂

Let’s open the door and see today’s surprise!

This is what we have to work with…hmm…any ideas what these pieces make?

If you need a little help, look at the inside of the door from day #12.

I think this is another kind of food cart, but I’m not sure what kind! I’d love to hear what you think! It’s cute and I love the colors!

And now it’s in the Christmas scene with all the other sets. 🙂

Be sure to come back tomorrow for day #20!

Dollar Tree Reindeer Craft Kit

I found this cute Reindeer craft kit at a Dollar Tree store close to us. While I have to admit that this wasn’t one of my favorite crafts that I’ve gotten there, by using lots of glue and not being a perfectionist, it will turn out pretty cute. 😉

Here’s a look at what’s inside the kit:

I started by spreading glue all over the paper plate. Use plenty of glue. (The plate didn’t want to lay flat so if you’d rather make your own circle out of paper, that would work great.)

Stick the brown pom poms all over the plate. I felt like there weren’t quite enough pom poms to cover the entire plate, but in the end it still looks good. I suggest leaving the empty space at the top where it will be covered up by the antlers and hat.

Glue the pieces together to make the face, mouth and nose.

Glue this piece…using plenty of glue…on top of the pom poms. Glue on the 2 eyes. I suggest putting the eyes right on top of a pom pom instead of in the gap between pom poms. That way the eyes will stick on better.

Each ear has 2 pieces, so glue them together next.

I glued the antlers on next…using lots of glue, but only on the bottom part of the antlers. The top part of the antlers won’t be touching anything.

The Santa hat is 3 pieces that you can glue together next.

Now it’s time to glue on the hat and the ears.

Yep, your reindeer will be cute! But I would let it sit for a while to completely dry before moving it around much or trying to hang it up. After my kit was completely dry, it stayed together fine, but it tended to fall apart while the glue was still wet.

I guess this must be Rudolph since he has a red nose! 😉

Day #18 – Lego Advent Calendar

Hello, again! We’re back for day #18 of our Lego Friends advent calendar! It’s only 1 week til Christmas!!!

Let’s open the door and see what’s there!

Here are the pieces we have to work with for this set.

Yep, I went back to the online images of the Lego advent calendar to work out what this set makes. And it is so cute! 🙂

I’m not totally sure what this is supposed to be, but I do recognize the tiny little penguin and think it is just adorable! 🙂 I wonder if it’s another game to play and the penguin is a prize? Let me know what you think! Whatever it is, I really like this one! Let’s tuck it into the Christmas scene.

See you again tomorrow for door #19! 🙂

Day #17 – Lego Advent Calendar

It’s December 17th and time to open the next door on our Lego Friends Advent Calendar!

Drum roll, please!

Here’s what we have today…hmmm…

I went back again to the picture of the advent calendar online for help to figure out what this set makes. Ta dah! 🙂

Looks like another food cart with milk and ice cream! Fun! I lined it up with the other food carts in our Christmas scene. Very nice!

Remember to come back tomorrow for the next Lego surprise! 🙂

Day #16 – Lego Advent Calendar

Here we are at day #16 of our Lego Friends advent calendar!

It’s time for a peek inside the door!

Let’s see…what could these pieces make?

I found the answer by looking at the picture of the advent calendar online. This is cool and quite an important thing for Santa to have! It’s Santa’s sleigh! 🙂

Santa looks like he’s almost ready for Christmas Eve! But I think he might need some reindeer still! Lol 😉

Be sure to come back tomorrow when we’ll be opening the next door on the advent calendar! 🙂

Great Use for Leftover Frosting

One thing my mom used to do with leftover frosting was always a big hit with my siblings and me. Super simple, but we always enjoyed this treat. All you need is graham crackers and frosting, but sprinkles or colored sugar can make it look even more special.

You can make little “sandwiches” or go with open-faced pieces. Break some graham crackers into the size you like. Maybe in half or into quarter pieces.

Spread frosting on one side of one piece of graham cracker.

Add a matching piece of graham cracker and you have a graham cracker and frosting sandwich. 🙂

As you can probably guess, you can also put frosting on a piece of graham cracker but not add the second top piece.

Sprinkles and colored sugar add to the fun so you might want to add some to your snack.

This can be a fun activity to do with the kids at Christmas time when they are begging to decorate Christmas cookies, but you haven’t had time yet to make them! Think of it as a “warm-up” to decorating Christmas cookies. 😉

And that, my friend, is a fun tip from “way back” during my childhood! 😉 Hope you enjoy making graham cracker and frosting sandwiches!

Day #15 – Lego Advent Calendar

Can you believe its day #15 for our Lego Friends Advent Calendar?! It’s only 10 days till Christmas!! Wow! 🙂

Let’s open today’s door!

Look at the Lego pieces inside. This one is pretty easy to figure out what it is, isn’t it? 😉

This set makes a super cute little person!

Hanging out close to Santa seems like a great place to be!

See you tomorrow for more fun with our Lego Friends Advent Calendar! 🙂