Taste Testing Tuesday – #18 – Scrambled Egg Toppings

Aaaaaand here we go with Taste Testing Tuesday #18! Let’s take a look at toppings you can put on scrambled eggs to make them more appealing. Plain scrambled eggs can be quite tasty, but you have to admit, to a kid, they look pretty boring. Here are some ideas of ways to snazz them up a bit! (Is ‘snazz’ a word? Another form of snazzy?) I started out making a batch of scrambled eggs and then dividing them into 6 small sections on a big plate.

See what I mean? Boorrrrriiiiiing! Add a few toppings and check out the difference!

NOW we’re talking! Remember to grab a piece of paper and make a fun chart of your preferences on each kind of scrambled egg. Add a smiley if you like it, a straight mouth if its just ok, and a frown if it’s a “no, thanks!”. Let’s take a look at what we have here…

#1.) Ketchup. This was my favorite way to eat scrambled eggs when I was a kid and even for a long time after I became an adult. Now some of our grandkids eat eggs this way.

#2.) A little sour cream and some herbs…I used our own homegrown and dried parsley.

#3.) Pieces of crumbled cooked bacon. Mmmm! Who doesn’t like eggs and bacon together? (Yea, I know there have to be some people that don’t like eggs and bacon, but that’s just…weird. 😉 )

#4.) Avocado. Did you know that avocados are actually fruit? Yep, that’s what Webster says.

#5.) Grated cheese. This is grated mild cheddar but there are lots of other kinds of cheese you could sprinkle on top. A cheese you already know your child likes might be a good place to start.

#6.) Salsa. Are you kids fans of Mexican type foods or do they love tacos? If so, a little salsa on their scrambled eggs might be a great way to go.

As usual with our taste tests, there are LOTS of others ways besides the ones I’ve mentioned. A few more suggestions would be browned onion and garlic pieces, fresh tomatoes, parmesan cheese, cooked up sweet pepper pieces or even adding 2 or more of the ingredients we’ve used here. For example, what if you used avocado, sour cream, cheese and salsa together? We have a grandson who LOVES adding Kansas City Rub spices to his scrambled eggs. (We buy that at a Cabelas store…not an affiliate.)

Are you still striking out getting your kids to eat scrambled eggs? Then it might be time to bring out the big guns…put some cookie/cake sprinkles on them! Haha! Sprinkles make everything taste better! 🙂 I hope these ideas have helped you and I wish you luck on your eating adventures!

Taste Testing Tuesday – #17 – Cottage Cheese

Welcome back to another round of Taste Testing Tuesday! Today we’re testing out ways to eat cottage cheese! There are TONS of ways to enjoy cottage cheese! I didn’t realize how many ways there are until I started doing a little research online. What is your favorite way to eat cottage cheese? If you aren’t sure, here are 5 ways for you to explore today.

Before we get started, remember to make a quick and easy chart to record your taste test findings. Any kind of paper will do and something to write with. I used markers and a pen. Draw some quick lines to make a few boxes and you’re all set.

Let’s dive right in!

#1.) Cottage cheese with a little apple butter on top. This was my favorite way to eat cottage cheese when I was a kid. 🙂

#2.) Cottage cheese with some pineapple. I used some crushed pineapple but you can use any form of pineapple you have on hand. You can actually buy cottage cheese in the store with the pineapple already mixed in. My Grandma used to serve cottage cheese and pineapple when we would visit her and my grandpa. Yum!

#3.) Cottage cheese with apple slices and cinnamon. This one is new to me but it sure sounds yummy!

#4.) Mexican Cottage Cheese Dip. This is also new to me and you can try it in so many ways by adding the ingredients your family likes. I used the cottage cheese, an avocado, onion powder, garlic powder, black beans, whole kernel corn, lime juice and tomatoes. Add whatever spices you like and maybe even a little hot sauce, if you are so inclined. I think some cilantro is needed, but I happen to be out of it at the moment. Eat it with some tortilla chips or crackers.

#5.) Last, but not least, is another new-to-me idea. A piece of toast topped with cottage cheese and strawberry jam.

There you have my 5 suggestions for today! What other ways do you like to eat cottage cheese? Just about any kind of fruit is tasty with it. You can add it to cheesy dishes or mix some into your pancake or muffin batter. Google “ways to eat cottage cheese” and you’ll see that the ways are almost endless! Fill in your taste testing chart with a smiley each time you like your sample of cottage cheese. Add a straight face if it’s just ok and a frowning face if you’re thinking, “umm, no thanks!”

Hope you have fun with your cottage cheese taste test! 🙂

Taste Testing Tuesday – #16 – Pumpkin

Sorry I’m slow in getting today’s taste test posted! It’s been a cooking day here! Are you getting ready for Thanksgiving at your house? We are, but this year I’m sad to say it will just be my hubby and I for Thanksgiving due to Covid restrictions. We will miss our family but we are trying to make the best of it. Back to our taste test – what is one ingredient that is often used around Thanksgiving time and can be eaten many different ways? Pumpkin! (Yes, turkey would have also been a great answer!) Maybe you are having something for Thanksgiving that has pumpkin in it. Today I made 3 different recipes that use pumpkin.

#1.) Pumpkin pie

I actually don’t care for pumpkin pie, but my hubby loves it so I made one for him to enjoy. Some whip cream on top adds the finishing touch.

#2.) Pumpkin Bread

Pumpkin bread is something my mom used to make for us when I was a kid. In fact, the recipe I used today came from her. It’s baked in a loaf pan and then sliced to enjoy.

#3.) Pumpkin Bars

Pumpkin Bars are made in a cookie sheet. They can be eaten with or without frosting on top. I frosted half of the pan and then other half I froze for a later time.

What other kinds of dishes can you think of that use pumpkin in them? There’s pumpkin soup, pumpkin rolls, pumpkin pancakes, pumpkin cookies, pumpkin muffins, pumpkin cheesecake, pumpkin butter, pumpkin waffles…and the list goes on! Pumpkin is considered a super food and really healthy so I hope you will try some soon! 🙂

Crazy Letter Writing Fun

Do you write letters to your grandkids? Letter writing seems to be a thing of the past for a lot of people, but who doesn’t love to get mail? A hand written letter does something special to warm the heart and is appreciated by almost everyone. Not long ago, we received a very special letter from our grandson, Hunter. The grandkids had spent a week with us and Hunter wrote us a special thank-you note. Look at what he did:

He wrote it in the shape of a heart! Isn’t that neat? 🙂 What an original idea!

The words he wrote were also very sweet but I did laugh when I saw that he said we are “historic”. LOL (Is that a nice way to say “old”? Haha!) His letter got me to thinking of funny ways to write letters that could cheer someone up. So the letter I wrote back to him looks like this:

Can you see how I wrote it? I started out the usual way of writing in the first space. But when I got to the right side of the page, I turned the page and wrote down the right side.

When I came to the bottom of the page, I turned the paper again and wrote along the bottom.

So I wrote all around the outside edge, around the entire paper. Each time I came back to the beginning, I moved in another space and continued going around and around and the space got smaller and smaller until I ran out of room to write.

When Hunter gets his letter, he will have to turn the paper around and around to read it. 😉

Another way to write a goofy letter is in a circle. I drew a circle with a pencil to start my next letter to Hunter’s brother, Kendan.

As you probably guessed, I wrote this letter in a circle with each line moving a little closer inside.

Can you think of any other fun ways to write a letter? In a triangle shape? Maybe a square or an oval? I’m pretty sure I will think up some other fun ways to write letters, but maybe these 3 ideas will get you started on your own letter writing adventure! Have fun! And you just might get a letter in return! 😉

Taste Testing Tuesday – #15

It’s that day of the week again! Welcome to another round of Taste Testing Tuesday! This week’s tasting is a pretty simple one, but these suggestions are for a little bit older kids, not for the really young. We’re testing out different kinds of nuts, so please be cautious of your children’s ages before you try this one. And, of course, if your kids have a peanut or tree nut allergy, please bypass this week’s test. Today we have 5 nuts on hand to try, but the list of nuts you can experiment with is a long one. Hint: to do the same test we’re doing here, just buy a can of mixed nuts and separate the different kinds of nuts out into cupcake papers or into little sections on a plate.

The nuts we are taste testing this week are…

#1.) Cashews

#2.) Hazelnuts or Filberts

#3.) Peanuts

#4.) Almonds

#5.) Pecans

I hope you grabbed a piece of paper and a pencil and made yourself a quick chart to record your taste preferences for each kind of nut. Did you like all of the nuts you tried? Which one is your favorite? It would be a close call for me to pick a favorite, but I think I would go with cashews. Do certain nuts make you think of certain foods they are made in? For instance, when I think of peanuts, I think of peanut butter…or Mr. Goodbar candy bars. When I think of pecans, I think of eating them on a salad or in a pecan pie or a sweet pecan roll. Mmmm!

If this taste test seems a little too tame for you, you can find lots of variations of nuts in the store. There are spicy nuts and sweet nuts…honey roasted cashews or peanuts…chocolate almonds…spiced pecans…maple walnuts…and this list could be a very long one! Whichever kinds of nuts you decide to try, I hope you find a new nut or flavor that you really like. Happy tasting! 🙂

See Ya Later, Alligator!

No, I’m not leaving! Just thinking about the fun sayings there are that can help ease the pain of leaving a child or grandchild when you would much rather stay together longer. “See ya later, alligator!” is probably one of the most well known sayings but I found the following picture with a lot more and just had to share it with you.

Try some of these funny sayings the next time you must part from your special kids and I hope they will help everyone part with a silly grin on their face. Teach a few to the kids so you can take turns saying them to each other. Now…I’m out the door, dinosaur! 😁😃🥰

Taste Testing Tuesday – #14

Hey, there! We’re back for another Taste Testing Tuesday! Today’s yummy food is…..waffles! Ooo, are you drooling along with me? We’ll look at 5 suggestions of tasty ways to eat a waffle.

Waffles come in different shapes and sizes. You can buy them frozen from the grocery store or if you have a waffle iron, you can make your own. For today’s test, I made waffles “from scratch” and cooked them in our waffle iron. In case you’ve never seen a waffle iron, here’s what they look like.

You can mix up your favorite waffle batter…I used the recipe in my Betty Crocker cookbook.

A handy-dandy tip is to pour the waffle batter into a container that has a lip for pouring.

Once your waffle iron is hot, pour some batter in and close the lid. 4-5 minutes is how long it took my waffle iron to cook 1 waffle but be sure to check the instructions that came with your waffle iron. Our first suggestion today uses a plain waffle with nothing cooked into it. But there are so many tasty things you can put on TOP of your waffle! Like butter, maple syrup, molasses, honey, jelly, fruit syrups, etc, etc. I love them with butter and maple syrup. Mmmm!

Suggestion #2…sprinkle a few blueberries on top of the batter in the waffle iron before you close it to cook your waffle.

Here’s a picture of the cooked version.

Suggestion #3…sprinkle some roasted pecans on top of the batter before cooking.

It might be hard to see the pecans, but they are there and taste sooo good!

Suggestion #4…sprinkle some grated cheddar cheese on top before cooking.

Again, it might be hard to see the cheese after the waffle has been cooked but it tastes pretty yummy!

Suggestion #5…cooked up apples spread on top. I put some butter in a skillet and peeled and sliced an apple. After the apple slices started to get soft, I sprinkled in some cinnamon and brown sugar. Then cooked it just a little longer till the brown sugar melted and everything was mixed together. OH YUM! This was delicious!!

I’m sure you can think of many more ways to eat a waffle. Maybe 2 pieces of waffle with some scrambled eggs and cheese inside? How about some peanut butter? Are you hungry now? 😉 Did you make a chart so you can remember your favorite way to eat a waffle? I hope you have fun with your Waffle Taste Testing Tuesday! 🙂

Is It Too Soon to Build a Snowman?

How do you feel about snowmen? I love them!! Especially the crafty kind that you can make in your house and they never melt! 😉 We had some cold days recently that felt like winter and we even had a light dusting of snow, so I got to thinking about snowmen and decided to make some. (Now it’s warmed back up and the temperature has been in the 60’s.) This is an easy craft for kids and takes just some “normal” kind of things you might have around your house. Let’s take a look at my snowmen…

I thought they turned out to be pretty cute! Some things that you’ll need to make these snowmen are empty toilet paper rolls, white paint, paint brush, pipe cleaners, small pom poms, ribbon or yarn or felt, maybe a button or two, wiggly eyes, orange and black markers and either a bottle of glue or a glue gun. (I used the glue gun.)

The first step is to paint the empty toilet paper rolls with white paint. Let them dry however long your type of paint requires.

Glue on 2 wiggly eyes. It doesn’t really matter what size the wiggly eyes are. I used 3 different sizes for my snowmen.

Cut a pipe cleaner in half…or even smaller…to use for the top part of the snowman’s ear muffs. Glue the 2 ends to opposite sides of the toilet paper roll. Place the ends on either side of the eyes in a place where the snowman’s ears might be if he had some. 😉

Next glue a pom pom over each end of the pipe cleaner to finish making the ear muffs.

Use the orange marker to draw a triangle below the wiggly eyes to be the snowman’s carrot nose. Use the black marker to draw on a mouth and eyebrows. (I drew the eyebrows on after I took the next picture. Oops!)

For the snowman’s scarf you can use pieces of yarn or ribbon or felt or fabric…you get the idea. 😉 For this snowman, I put 3 pieces of yarn together. Glue the scarf in one spot on the back of the snowman. Then wrap each side around to the front and cross one side over the other and glue in place.

I glued a little star button on top of where the 2 sides cross in the front. You can add 3 black dots for the stones or buttons on the snowman’s tummy, if you like.

And there you are! Great job! You’ve made a snowman! 🙂

For my second snowman, I followed the same steps, but for his/her scarf I took 3 pieces of yarn and braided them together. I tucked one end around the other in front, like you do when you are beginning to tie your shoes. Then I glued it in place.

For my third snowman, I again followed the same steps, except this time I made his/her scarf out of a piece of ribbon. And I glued on a matching button.

You can make your snowman look however you like. He/she might look different because you have different materials to use than what I had. You can shape his/her mouth in different ways to make him/her look happy or sad or silly. I’m sure he or she will look great! The important thing is to have fun making your snowmen! 🙂

Taste Testing Tuesday – #13

Welcome back for another round of Taste Testing Tuesday! What fruit is plentiful this time of year in the United States? Apples! Now is the time to get your favorite apple from your local orchard or grocery store. Wait, you don’t know what your favorite apple is? Then you are in the right place! Today we’ll taste test 6 apples that are available here locally. Make yourself a little chart so you can keep track of who likes what in your family.

As you can see, I made a little sign to keep beside each type of apple. I bought 2 of each apple so one could be cut into slices to taste test and one to look at and see the differences between the apples I chose. Some differences you can talk about with the kids are the color, shape, size, if the flesh of the apple is soft or crunchy and is it sweet or tart? Here are the ones I used:


Honey Crisp


Ida Red

Paula Red

And last but not least, Golden Delicious.

I like apples that are a little sweet or a little tart and I especially like the softer flesh. What are your favorites? Now I’m hungry for an apple pie or apple crisp! haha! Hope you have fun tasting apples and you discover some new favorites. 🙂 Thanks for stopping by!