Magical Creatures Sticker by Letter Book

If you are looking for a FUN way for your kids to reinforce learning those pesky letters of the alphabet, here’s an idea that will seem like it’s all fun and no work! I found this book at our local Barnes & Noble store, but I see that it is also available online at the Barnes & Noble website and also on Amazon. Only $8.00! It’s called Magical Creatures Sticker by Letter Book.

Each magical creature has a page with the outline of the creature. Each outline is divided into smaller spaces and each space has a letter of the alphabet on it.

There is a corresponding sticker page for each creature and each sticker has a letter of the alphabet beside it.

You put the stickers on the outline by matching the letters.

It’s interesting to watch the creature gradually take shape.

And ta dah! It’s finished! 🙂

The picture pages are perforated so you can tear them out to share or hang them up to be admired. Our granddaughter has one of these books and it’s great for a little quiet time fun. 🙂

Hide & Seek With ABC’s!

Here’s a simple game that can help your kids practice their observation skills, counting skills and learning the alphabet! All while having a treasure hunt and finding a prize at the end! 😉 You will need some paper (different colors or all one color will work), a marker, scissors and a prize. Cut the paper into 26 squares. Whatever size you want to do is fine, but I made mine 2 inches.

Once your paper is cut, write the letters of the alphabet on the squares – 1 letter on each square.

Prepare a prize for the end of the game before you actually start the game with the kids. You can just have the prize hidden somewhere they can’t find it or you can do like I did and make up a paper bag to hold the prize. I added colored dots to my bag just to spiff it up a bit.

The prize can be something simple that the kids will have fun with or a special snack, a new box of crayons, a small Lego set, etc. As you can see in the picture, I used bubbles.

Hide the letter papers around your house in places the kids can look for them. You can keep them all in one room or spread it out a little farther for kids that are a little older.

Maybe on the piano…

Or among the cereal boxes…

In the bathroom…

Maybe by their favorite books…

Have the kids go around and find all 26 papers. This uses their observation skills to find the papers and then they also practice counting the papers. 😉 Once they have all the papers, let them line them up in the correct order of the alphabet.

When they finish that, they have finished the game (or treasure hunt) and they receive the prize!

Tweak the game to work for your situation and your kids. Hope the kiddos will have fun while practicing some good skills! 😉

Learning Fun With Foam Letters

Hello and welcome to another post on The Kids Niche! Hope you are doing well! 🙂 Today let’s talk about a few ways to have fun playing with foam letters with the kiddos. They can practice learning the letters of the alphabet and have fun doing it. I found a bag of 2 inch foam letters that have adhesive on the back at Joann’s a while back. You could do these activities with any type of cut out letters. Your child’s age and ability will determine which of these activities will be appropriate for them right now. Let’s start with…

#1.) Give your child a set of all the letters in the alphabet and let them lay them out in the correct order. If your child is just beginning to learn about letters, start with just a few letters at a time.

#2.) Lay out 3 each of 3 letters and let your child match the letters.

#3.) Using 2 sets of the letters, lay one set out in the correct order and have your child lay their letters out to match the first set.

#4.) You can use the same idea in laying out the letters of the child’s name and having them put their letters in the right order also.

#5.) Another way to practice using the letters in their name would be to give them all the letters in their name and let them put the letters in the right order without having another set to look at to do it.

#6.) Practice making rhyming words. Start with the ending sound…like “at”. Then have your child add a letter to the beginning to make another rhyming word.

#7.) Place letters in a bag and have your child pull them out one at a time and tell you what letter they have.

#8.) Play the game of “Go Fish!” using letters instead of cards. Start by finding 2 of each letter of the alphabet.

Mix the letters up and give 5 to each player. Our example is for 2 players.

Place something between the players so they can’t see each other’s letters. I found that a large cereal box laid on its side worked nicely.

After dealing 5 letters to each player, put the remaining letters in a paper bag where they can’t be seen.

The object of the game is to get 2 letters to make a match. And the player with the most matches at the end is the winner. Play begins with 1 player asking another player for a certain letter. For example, “Do you have an H?” If the player that is asked has the letter that was asked for, they must give it to the player. If the player gets the letter he or she asked for, they get to take another turn. If the player that is asked for a letter doesn’t have that letter, they reply with “No, go fish!” The player whose turn it is then reaches into the bag…no peeking!…and draws out 1 letter. If the letter they pull from the bag is the letter they asked for, they can take another turn. If it is not the letter they asked for then their turn is over and play moves to the next person. When a player gets a match, he or she sets the 2 letters together in front of him or her. Play continues until all letters have been matched.

When a player runs out of letters, they may pull one letter from the bag. The player that has the most matches at the end of the game is the winner. 🙂

I’m sure there are more games that can be played with a bag of foam letters, but I hope you will enjoy giving some of these a try! Remember, learning can be fun! 🙂