Cute Animals That Will Melt Your Heart!

Do you love animals? Most kids love them and when I came across these pictures on Instagram, I just had to share them here. As you share these pictures with your kiddos, I’m pretty sure you will both say “Awww!” before you finish. 😉 These adorable animals are sure to bring out the smiles and the grins!

Taxi, please!!

Credit to safarigallery

A new Spring bonnet…

Credit to travelsfervor

I’ve got you!

Credit to animalsonland

Cuteness overload!

Credit to colourfulwildlife_

Splish, splash, I was taking a bath!

Credit to safarigallery

Beauty nestled in beauty…

Credit to thewildcapture

Well, hello there!

Credit to joysafaribay

Butterflies leaving Mexico!

Credit to planetfervor

Pretty bird! Does your head itch?

Credit to geosafaris

Whooo goes there?! Why are you upside down?

Credit to animalcritter

Say “cheese!”

Credit to thewildcapture

Ok, admit it! Did you say “Aww!”? 😉 These pictures are just so cute you can’t help it! Which one is your favorite? I can’t decide because I like all of them! I hope this post made you smile and it brightens your day! 🙂