Great Coloring App

From time to time I’ll be sharing some apps with you that I think are fun for kids or ones that my grandchildren enjoy. Today let’s talk about a fun coloring app – Pixel Art!

Pixel Art is a great app for coloring without the mess of carrying along crayons or colored pencils, a coloring book, something solid for under the book, etc. It’s something nice and calming to do on your tablet or phone that doesn’t involve shooting anything. 😉 I enjoy using this app as much as my grand kids. Our granddaughter has been playing it since she was 4 years old. Our grandsons play it too and a couple of them are teenagers. It’s great for all ages! Once you download the app, the first thing you’ll do is select a picture you would like to color. There are a lot of pictures to choose from! Just scroll down to see them.

For this example, I went with the cute little owl. Just click on him.

You can zoom in so you can make the boxes as big as you like so they are easier to tap on. There is a button toward the top that zooms in some, but you can place 2 fingers on the screen and spread your fingers apart to make the squares bigger.

See the colored and numbered squares at the bottom? Those are the colors available for this picture. We’ll click on number 7…

Now the colored 7 at the bottom is highlighted and all the 7’s in your picture have turned a gray color. Start coloring by tapping on all the 7’s.

As you tap on each box, it changes to the color for that number. Notice the big check mark now in the box where the 7 was? That means you have completed all the 7’s. You can scroll all around the picture and select which part you want to work on. Continue selecting a color and tapping the matching numbers.

Did you accidentally tap a wrong number? No problem! The box will turn to a light shade of gray but all you need to do is tap that number, tap the box and it’s colored in too. You really can’t mess it up! 🙂 Keep going until all the numbers have been filled in.

Ta dah! Our little owl is complete! There are really easy pictures…ones that don’t take a long time…and then there are more complicated pictures, but they are all done the same way. Some have less squares and some have a larger number of squares. The more squares there are, the clearer the picture is.

There are cartoon-type characters, flowers, animals, holidays, etc. New pictures are added every day. There are even 3D pictures…which are popular with our grand kids! You turn the picture around to reach all the squares.

And there are silly fun ones to color.

Pixel Art is easy enough for really young kids to do with a little help but also entertaining enough for any age. It gives you a sense of accomplishment when you finish a picture. If you can’t finish it all at once, it’s ok to quit before you are done. It will be there waiting for you in your library when you come back. 🙂 You can even use one of your own pictures to color! Have fun with Pixel Art! Let me know what you think!