Making Frozen Pudding Popsicles

Hello again! I’m back after a few wonderful days away. Summer is winding down here in Ohio, but we are still having some very warm days! So having some cold drinks and cold treats on hand is just the thing we need! Have you ever made frozen pudding popsicles? They really are quite yummy! All you need is a box of your favorite flavor of instant pudding, some milk and some popsicle molds OR paper cups and plastic spoons or wooden craft sticks.

Follow the directions on the instant pudding box to find the correct amount of milk needed to make pudding. (This size box needed 2 cups of milk.) Add the milk and the pudding mix to a bowl.

Whisk together.

Quickly fill the popsicle molds with the pudding before it sets up completely.

Add the tops of the popsicle mold set and make sure they are on snugly.

Or if you are using paper cups, put a portion of pudding into each cup. I used 9oz. cups when I tried this, but I think 5oz. cups would be a better size.

Add a plastic spoon or a popsicle stick to each cup.

Pop your popsicles into the freezer and let them freeze for a couple hours. They won’t come out too well if they aren’t frozen solid.

Once they are frozen, it’s time to enjoy!

Run some warm water on the outside of the plastic popsicle mold and then squeeze it to help loosen the popsicle from the mold. Slide the popsicle mold off and mmmm, start nibbling on your frozen pudding popsicle!

Someone has started enjoying this one! 😉 Who, me?? Yep, you got me! The chocolate pudding popsicle tastes great!

If you used the paper cups, carefully run some warm water on the outside of the cup, being careful not to get any water inside the cup on the popsicle. Again, squeeze the sides of the cup until the popsicle slides out.

I also tried this idea using a ready-made pudding cup.

I removed the top covering and inserted a plastic spoon. Then I popped it into the freezer.

I used the warm water and squeezing method just like I did for the other pudding popsicles and it worked fine for this kind of pudding too.

Now you have another idea to try to help refresh and cool your family during these last warm days of summer! Enjoy your frozen pudding popsicles! 🙂

Happy Banana Split Day!

Sorry to be posting this so late, but it’s been one of those days! My calendar says today is Banana Split Day. Sounds like a good holiday, right? 😉

When I was a kid, I always asked for a banana split any time we went to the ice cream shop. So what’s in a banana split? That’s really up to you, but here is how I make them. Some things you will need…

Bananas. (I bet you figured that out already!) 😉

The most important ingredient…ice cream! I use vanilla put you could use whatever kind you like.

Your favorite toppings…like chocolate syrup

Caramel topping…

A fruit topping like strawberries or strawberry jam or maybe pineapple. Some chopped nuts like pecans or peanuts.

Start by slicing a banana into a bowl.

Add some scoops of ice cream.

Add your toppings. I like to use 3 toppings. Here I used strawberry jam, caramel topping and chocolate syrup.

Top with some whip cream and nuts.

And EAT it! Lol The sky’s the limit here on what kind of ice cream and toppings you use. Marshmallow cream is another good topping! Mmmm! Have fun making your own banana splits or take a trip to your nearest ice cream shop and let them make it for you! 🙂 Again, Happy Banana Split Day!