Taste Testing Tuesday #59 Cheez-it Crackers

Hello again! Have you ever noticed how many flavors of Cheez-it crackers there are in the grocery store? There are a BUNCH! For our Taste Testing Tuesday today, let’s take a look at some of the types and flavors there are.

So first there were the Original Cheez-it crackers. These were around when I was younger and they were the only flavor available.

I don’t know what order the flavors were added but here are some more of them.

White Cheddar

Extra Toasty. I have to say these are my favorite! I remember when I used to find an overcooked cracker in the original flavor box and would wish they were all that way! 🙂

Hot & Spicy. These might light up your mouth a bit!

Cheddar Jack

Italian Four Cheese. I haven’t tried this one yet but I think I will soon!

The Cheez-it website shows some more interesting sounding flavors but I haven’t seen them in our local stores. Like Extra-cheesy, Pepper Jack, Cheese Pizza and Buffalo Wings. Here’s one that looks like a lot of fun!

Which ones will your family use for a taste test? I hope you have fun and you find some new favorites!

Taste Testing Tuesday #48 – Goldfish Crackers (Bonus games!)

Hi everyone and welcome back for another Taste Testing Tuesday! Today we’ll be tasting Goldfish. Waaaaait a minute!! Do we eat goldfish?? Yuck! Let’s try that again! Today we’ll be tasting Goldfish CRACKERS! Oh, that sounds like a much better idea!! We are testing 4 different flavors of Goldfish crackers today but there are more flavors available. Check your local store to see what they carry.

Let’s look at the 4 flavors we chose to try today.

#1.) Mickey Mouse Special Edition Cheddar.

These are super cool as they have the shapes of goldfish but also the shape of Mickey Mouse’s head.

#2.) Parmesan

These little goldfish are a very light, almost white color. They ARE pretty cute, aren’t they?

#3.) Vanilla Cupcake.

These goldfish are brown in color but oh, so yummy in flavor! Mmm!

#4.) Pizza

Who doesn’t like pizza, right?!

Here we go with our taste testing! Put at least 4 of each flavor in front of each person.

To go along with your taste test, make up a simple chart to record what everyone thinks of each flavor. Something like this works great.

Draw a face in the corresponding box that shows what you think of that flavor. A smiling face means “Yum!”, a straight face means “It’s ok.” and a frowning face means “No, thanks!” Look at the chart in the next picture and you can tell who likes the Vanilla Cupcake Goldfish crackers. 😉

There is also a place on our chart for you to write in which flavor is your favorite. 🙂 If you taste test the special edition Mickey Mouse cheddar goldfish crackers, there is a fun dot-to-dot activity on the back of the package that you can do.

And now for the bonus game! Take a few of each flavor of goldfish crackers and mix them up on a plate. One person closes their eyes and takes 1 goldfish. Be sure someone else sees which type of goldfish they picked up. Now the person eats the goldfish and guesses which flavor it was. How many can you get right?

Whatever flavors of goldfish crackers you decide to try, I hope you have fun doing this taste test! Have fun telling people that you ate goldfish and watch what their reaction is! 😉

Taste Testing Tuesday #27- Crackers

Hi everyone! How’s your Tuesday going? Kids going bonkers? Here’s a fun way to get them to sit still for a few minutes! Today’s Taste Testing Tuesday is all about crackers! So round the kids up for a quick silly snack and let’s get started! You can use whatever crackers you have on hand. Here are the 5 we taste tested.

#1.) Chicken in a Biskit

#2.) Almond Nut-Thins Cheddar Cheese

#3.) Honey Maid Graham

#4.) Cheez-It – there are many kinds of Cheez-It crackers but I love the Extra Toasty ones.

#5.) Ritz

For added fun, draw a quick chart…nothing fancy…with a place for each person’s name and across from their name a place to draw a face for each kind of cracker. Something like this maybe:

After they taste each cracker, let them draw in a face that describes what they think of it. A smile means yummy! A straight mouth means it’s ok, but not amazing. And a frown means no thank-you!

Did you notice that Rusty liked ALL of the crackers? Wow! Oh, yea, Rusty is a dog so that might explain it. Haha! 😉 I hope you have fun with our latest Taste Testing Tuesday and you find some crackers that you really like!