Ideas for Reusing a Plastic Bottle

Hello, again! I was enjoying a drink of Bolthouse Farms Vanilla Chai beverage when I had a brainstorm. Why not reuse this nice bottle? I thought I’d share some fun ideas for reusing a plastic bottle with you. 🙂 First, enjoy the drink inside! Lol

Carefully remove the plastic film label from the bottle. It came off fairly easily.

Wash with soap and water and dry. You can let it air dry but it may dry with some water spots left behind so I dried mine with a paper towel.

Now to refill it…you can make your own drink and pour it inside. It makes it handy to take a drink with you if you have to leave home for a bit. (Mmm! Chocolate milk!)

It can be refilled with some smallish size snacks for on the go.

How about storing some small pieces of Lego or other toys?

You can use it for saving your coins or change.

I was surprised at just how much fits into this bottle. Maybe you made rice or macaroni for a meal and and you have some left over in the bottom of the box…storing it in a bottle will keep it fresher than in a box. The bottle could be filled with water and with the lid on it would be easy to carry it to water houseplants without the worry of spilling any water. The ideas are many, but maybe this will get your brain cells firing on some great ways to reuse a plastic bottle. 🙂 Reduce, reuse and recycle!