Making a Fairy Garden

Yesterday was National Gardening Day but I forgot about it. Lol I thought we would honor that holiday by doing a little gardening today. Let’s make a fairy garden! They are easy to make and so much fun. You’ll need a container which can be just an old pan or something inexpensive you grab from the store. You’ll also need some dirt or potting soil, some fairy garden figurines, and a few plants that will stay small.

A great place to find fairy garden figurines is a Dollar General store. They had a whole section of things great for fairy gardens and they were priced at $1.00 each! Other stores like Joann Fabrics or Walmart have fairy garden figurines too, but they are more expensive.

There are different kinds of plants you can get for this project and some stores even have them labeled as good for fairy gardens. I’m using some Hens and Chicks succulents for mine.

Using a nail and a hammer, make a few holes in the bottom of your pan or pot so it can drain excess water. Then add some dirt or potting soil so the container is nicely full but the dirt doesn’t come all the way to the top. Leave a little room at the top so the water doesn’t just run off but stays in the pan.

Place the main pieces of your fairy garden figurines in your pot approximately where you want them to be. And lay the plants in place, just on top of the soil. Check your arrangement and make sure everything is right where you like it.

Remove the figurines…you’ll place them back in just a couple of minutes.

Plant each plant into the dirt and pack the dirt lightly around each one.

Now place the fairy garden figurines into your garden. Arrange any little stones that you want to use in place now too. You can make a little walking path, if you like.

Gently water your plants.

And that’s all there is to it! Place your fairy garden in a place where it can be enjoyed by everyone.

One word of caution, the water will drain out the bottom of your garden so remember that when you decide where to put it. It could leave a little dirt behind. I hope you will make your own fairy garden and enjoy it all spring, summer and fall! A fun activity to do with your fairy garden and your kids is to make up a story involving your little fairy garden and who might come to visit it! 🙂

Birdcage Fairy Garden

Here’s another dirt-free fairy garden idea for you and your kids. I used a lot of the same supplies that I had from the indoor fairy garden I posted about yesterday. If you missed that post, here’s a link to it:

For today’s project, I had a birdcage that I hadn’t decided what to do with it. Having the fairy garden supplies handy got me to thinking that it would make a cute display using them.

I put a little of the sheet moss in the bottom, but didn’t glue it down so I will be able to change it out later if I decide I want to.

I sat a bird’s nest in the bottom of the cage. And then using the wire connected to the bottom of the birds, I fastened the birds to the cage.

Here is a closer up picture so you can see the wire wrapped around the cage holding the birds in place.

Next, I added a fairy, sitting beside the bird nest. She looks like she is waiting for the eggs to hatch!

A couple of butterflies added also by twisting the attached wire around the cage, and voila! It’s done!

Another very quick, easy and super fun project! Nothing is glued down, so this project can easily be changed later. Hope you’ll give it a try! 🙂

An Indoor Fairy Garden

Do you or your kids love Fairy Gardens but don’t want the mess of dirt and keeping plants alive? Here’s a fun project you can do with your kids while keeping your hands free from mud and dirt! I love getting my hands in the dirt to plant flowers but not everyone does. This craft might be more for kids that are a little older or for younger ones with lots of supervision because of using a hot glue gun. I have been slowly collecting Fairy Garden pieces as I have seen them on sale because they can be a bit pricey in the stores. Some stores are having sales now so keep your eyes open for good deals!

Let’s look at what you might need…a container of some kind. This is a wooden box but you can use almost any type of container.

I got all my supplies out so I could pick which pieces I wanted to use. These are artificial succulents. Any small artificial plants will work. I cut these into smaller pieces so they would fit.

Some butterflies and flowers…

I used this sheet moss for the bottom of my container. You will need something similar.

And, of course, Fairy Garden figures…fairy prince, fairy princess, fairies, gnome, animals, etc.

I used some birds and a bird nest and a little straw hat to put the bird nest in.

These are the figurines I decided to go with for this project.

Let’s begin! 🙂 The first thing to do is to line your container with the sheet moss or whatever similar product you are using. Trim it to fit your container. Lift each corner and put some hot glue underneath it and then push it back into place.

Place your items in the container without gluing them down so you can move things around until you have them just the way you want them.

Once you decide where each item will go, you are ready to glue them in place.

As I mentioned earlier, I used a hot glue gun to glue the bottom of each item in place.

Here’s my finished Indoor Fairy Garden! No watering needed! 😉 The view from above…

A front view…

Once you have all the items collected, putting the garden together goes fairly quickly. It’s so much fun! Now you and the kids can dream of stories about what is happening in your Fairy Garden!