Happy Earth Day 2020!

Today is a day to think about the beautiful earth that we live on and what we can do to enjoy it more and protect it. It’s a great day to go outside for a walk and see what interesting things you can find since the last time you were outside. Have any plants started growing? Are there any new flowers blooming? I’ve been enjoying walking around our yard and seeing what new Spring life I can find. We’ve had a few kinds of flowers blooming. Like these miniature daffodils…

And tulips…

Some violas and succulents in a pot look so pretty!

Those are all flowers that we planted ourselves but if you look closely, I bet you can find some wild flowers. Like these wild violets…

Our yard is also popping with dandelions! I’m guessing you can find some of those nearby.

Look around for any interesting bugs you might see. What kind of bug is this?

If you said a ladybug you are exactly right! They are so tiny but they are friendly little bugs that help us by eating some other bugs that will harm our plants. This is a really closeup picture of a ladybug walking on my thumb. Pretty cool, isn’t it?

So what can YOU do to make the earth better? How about helping an adult rake up any old leaves leftover from the winter? Has any trash blown into your yard? You could pick it up and throw it away and your yard will look so much nicer! Planting new trees and planting a garden are great things to do too. How about feeding the wild birds? Put out some bird seed and see what hungry birds show up.

Or take a pine cone and cover it with peanut butter and roll it in birdseed and hang it outside for a yummy snack for your bird friends.

With mom or dad’s help, maybe you could put a bird feeder out for the wild birds to eat from. But you never know who else might show up for a few nibbles. Can you tell who is eating at this bird feeder?

Yep! It’s a squirrel! Oh, well, they get hungry too, right? 😉 So whatever you do today to celebrate Earth Day 2020, I hope you have a good day! Let’s take care of our earth! It’s the only one we have! 🙂

Feed the Birds with Pine Cones

Remember the “Feed the Birds” song from the old Mary Poppins movie? That’s what is going through my head this morning as I made some yummy pine cones for the wild birds to feed on. This easy project is one our kids did when they were in elementary school. Gather up (or buy) some pine cones, peanut butter, string and bird seed and we’ll get started!

I suggest laying down some newspaper first to catch the mess that might be made by little hands. I used disposable paper bowls and plastic silverware to make clean up a little easier. Put some peanut butter in one bowl to avoid any chances of someone “double-dipping” back into the jar of peanut butter after their plastic knife has touched the pine cone.

Pour some bird seed into the second bowl.

Cut a piece of string for hanging the pine cone after you are finished. Wrap it around the pine cone, slipping it in the spaces so the string will be caught and the pine cone won’t fall off the string when you hang the pine cone outside.

Tie a knot and trim off any extra string on the knot end. Leave enough string on the other end for tying the pine cone to a tree branch.

Now comes the ooey-gooey part! Spread the peanut butter over the pine cone.

As you have probably guessed by now, roll the pine cone in the bird seed or use a spoon to scoop up the bird seed and pour over the pine cone.

Once the pine cone is covered with seeds, gently pat the seeds to help them stick to the pine cone.

Hang them in your favorite tree outside, hopefully in a place where you can watch the birds come and eat the seeds and peanut butter.

Great job! Thanks for doing what you can to help the wild birds survive the winter! And thanks for visiting my blog!