Delicious Cinnamon Sugar Toast

So earlier this week we talked about a healthy dish involving cabbage, apples and bacon. Today’s post is about a super fast, but delicious (and yes, not quite so healthy) way to have toast. This is a flashback to when I was a child and mom would let us have cinnamon sugar toast for a special treat. 🙂 (Yep, there was a limit on how many pieces we could have!)

All you need is bread, a toaster, butter, white sugar and cinnamon.

Mix up some cinnamon and sugar in a small bowl using 1 part cinnamon to 4 parts sugar. For example, use 1 teaspoon of cinnamon and 4 teaspoons of sugar. Pop a piece of bread into the toaster and toast to your desire crispness.

As soon as your toast is done, spread some butter on it so the butter will melt.

Using a spoon, sprinkle the cinnamon sugar mixture onto the toast.

That’s it! Super quick, super easy and super yummy!

You might want to keep a close eye on your cinnamon sugar toast! It will smell so delicious that someone might sneak a bite! 😉

Taste Testing Tuesday #33 Muffins

We’re baaaaaaack with another Taste Testing Tuesday! Are your taste buds ready to go? What is your favorite kind of muffin? Maybe we can help you find a new favorite flavor or at least expand your horizons a little! We’re going to look at 4 kinds of muffins that I made today.

Don’t forget to make yourself some kind of a chart so you can keep track of what you think of each kind of muffin. Something like this will work but you can make a simpler one, if you like.

Here’s how we did a chart for carrots, in case you want to follow this example for muffins.

Ok, here we go! Drum roll, please!

#1.) Cinnamon Streusel Muffin.

This one came from a Betty Crocker muffin mix. A prepackaged muffin mix is a great way to help your kiddos learn how to bake muffins.

#2.) Wild Blueberry Muffin

This kind is also from a Betty Crocker muffin mix. Yummy!!

#3.) Banana Streusel Muffin

This one is made from scratch and they are really tasty! Just look at them…mmm!

#4.) Cornbread Muffin

Ooo! Bring on the butter and maple syrup! I tend to make cornbread in a square pan most of the time, but baking them as muffins really makes them quick and easy to eat!

So there you have our muffin taste test. I would have a really hard time picking my favorite! There are so many kinds of muffins you can make! There’s chocolate chip, pumpkin, apple-cranberry, chocolate, coffee cake, applesauce, lemon poppy seed and the list goes on and on! Which kinds will you try for your Taste Testing Tuesday? 🙂 Make your taste buds happy!

Taste Testing Tuesday – #19 – Fun With Pancakes!

We’re back! This week’s Taste Testing Tuesday centers on pancakes! There are so many ways to make pancakes. My Betty Crocker cookbook lists 15 different ways to make pancakes with different ingredients mixed into the batter. While I’m sure many of these are great recipes with tasty results, today we are going to concentrate on what you can do with “plain” pancakes. Just use your regular pancake recipe or mix and then let the fun begin!

First, let’s look at ideas for making your pancakes in fun shapes. Of course, there is the usual way of making them in a nice sized round shape. One of my husband’s favorite memories is from times he spent the night at his grandparents and his grandma would make him a plate-sized buckwheat pancake for breakfast. 🙂 (Yes, he ate the whole thing!)

How about making some extra small pancakes? Kids can brag about how many pancakes they ate. 😉

Or you can make them into animal shapes. This could be a bear or Mickey Mouse or a dog…

Probably the most popular way to eat a pancake is with butter and maple syrup. Mmmm!

You can make a funny face by adding some pieces of banana, a few chocolate chips and a piece of bacon.

Now let’s add some toppings to the “bear” pancake. Add a couple of banana slices for his ears and chocolate chips for his eyes, nose and mouth.

Or maybe use a couple of blueberries for his eyes, miniature marshmallows in his ears, a chocolate chip nose and a cheese puff for his mouth.

You can flatten miniature marshmallows with your fingers and then put a chocolate chip in the center of them to make eyes. Apple slices for a mouth finishes him off.

A snowman is our next idea! Blueberry eyes, bacon for arms, mini chocolate chips for his mouth and buttons and then a piece of carrot or cheese for his nose makes a pretty cool pancake snowman.

You can use small pancakes like bread for a sandwich! How about adding a cooked egg, a piece of bacon and a piece of cheese for a tasty breakfast?

Do your kids love peanut butter and jelly sandwiches but hate the crust? Use a couple of small pancakes to make an awesome peanut butter and jelly sandwich with no crusts!

Our last suggestion for today uses an ingredient that I say everyone loves! Can you guess what it is? Sprinkles!! Everything is better with sprinkles on it! 😉

I hope these ideas have gotten the wheels in your mind turning and you’ll come up with even more ideas on your own. What is YOUR favorite way to eat a pancake? Have fun and enjoy those pancakes however you make them!