Fun Breaks for Kids When Studying

Sorry for the lateness of this post! I’m having computer problems so I’m going to try this post from my phone. Here goes! 😉

Do you find it hard to keep kids motivated when you are homeschooling or they are doing distance learning at home? Sometimes it helps to take a short break now and then. I’d like to share an idea with you today that might make even a short break more refreshing and fun! All you need is a sheet of paper and a pen.

Make the piece of paper into small squares by folding and tearing or by using a pair of scissors to cut it. I made mine into 16 pieces.

Now write funny little activities on each piece of paper. I’ll show you what I wrote in just a second…

The ages of your children will help you decide what kind of activities to write down. The goofier the better! The idea is to get them up and moving and smiling. 😃 Here are the activities I wrote on my pieces of paper:

After you finish writing on all your pieces of paper, fold them in half and then in half again so nobody can read what they say.

Find a container or bowl to place them in.

You decide when it’s time for a break from studying or working. Maybe it’s after 2 pages of Math or after reading a chapter in a book. When it’s break time, allow your child to reach inside and pull out a piece of paper. Then they read it or have it read to them and they do the activity. It makes for a nice break from sitting for long periods of time. Hopefully after doing their activity, the kids are awake and ready to tackle the next subject. I hope you’ll give it a try! 😃