Day #6 – Lego Advent Calendar

And we are back for Day #6 of the Lego Friends Advent Calendar! 🙂 What is hiding behind door #6?

Are you ready? Let’s look!

These are the pieces included in this set. What do you think they make?

I think yesterday’s door might have the clue we need!

Yep! That’s it! And here is the cute little thing it makes! Hmmm…is it a dog? Let me know what you think it is! Maybe it’s an imaginary animal?

Adding him to our Christmas scene…it’s getting bigger by the day! 🙂

I hope you are having fun following along with me each day! See you tomorrow! 🙂

Day #5 – Lego Advent Calendar

Sorry to be posting this so late, but it’s been a rather crazy day! So, are you more than ready to peek behind door #5? I am!

Here we go!

Oohh this time it’s easy to tell what this set will be! Can you guess? 🙂

If you said “a person”, you are absolutely right! And she is adorable!

I don’t know if she already has a name, but if you know please leave me a comment and tell me what her name is. 🙂 Now she is settled into the Christmas scene. I think she might be waiting to see Santa Claus. 😉

I can’t wait to open door #6 tomorrow! I hope you’ll join me! 🙂

Day #4 – Lego Advent Calendar

Hello and happy Sunday! I don’t normally post on the weekend, but I wanted to keep up with sharing the Lego Friends Advent Calendar with you. It’s Day #4! What’s behind the door? (Did you catch that rhyme?) 😉

Pulling the door open…aaaaand….ta dah!

(Nope, the pieces still don’t match the picture inside the door. I feel like I am missing something here…?) Any guesses what these pieces might make?

I went back to the internet again to look for a clue. Aha!! It made a Christmas tree and a present!

And now they have joined our Christmas scene. 🙂

I’m having fun opening a new door each day! I hope you are having fun following along! 🙂

Day #3 – Lego Advent Calendar

Hello again! It’s day #3 for opening doors on our Lego Friends Advent Calendar! Are you ready? I spy door #3! 🙂

It’s time to peek inside!

I have to admit again that the picture on the inside of the door has me stumped. That item isn’t made by the pieces inside door #3. Hmm…but pressing on…here are the pieces that ARE inside.

I think I see 2 pieces that look like hot dogs? After looking at the box, I didn’t see anything that looked like it would be made using these pieces. But I spotted a website address on the box.

I went to my computer and looked up the address. I typed in Lego Friends advent calendar and it brought up this set. One of the pictures shows all the little sets included in this advent calendar. (But it’s easy to see ALL of the sets so maybe just have mom and dad look for the kids so the surprise isn’t spoiled.) Any guesses what this might be? Yep, the hot dogs are the big clue here! It’s a cute hot dog stand! 🙂

After making the hot dog stand, I had 2 pieces left over that I’ve stored in a ziploc bag for safe keeping.

And now I’ve added set #3 to my Lego Christmas scene! 🙂

Check back tomorrow for more fun as we look behind door #4!

Day #2 – Lego Advent Calendar

Are you curious about what is behind door #2 in the Lego Friends Advent Calendar? Let’s find out! 🙂 Where is door #2? Aha! I found it!

Opening the door….and what do you see?

(I have to confess that I don’t know what the picture on the door is for because it’s not for the pieces inside this part of the box. Hmm…maybe I will figure that out as we go along…?)

Well, here are the pieces…now, what do they make?

Looking at the box again to see what this might be and I think it’s the camera on a stand and an extra light box.

Yep, the pieces fit together to make these!

I think its the camera and light for taking pictures when the kids meet with Santa! 🙂

That was fun! See you tomorrow when we see what is behind door #3! 🙂

It’s December 1st! Let’s Look at an Advent Calendar.

And just like that, it’s December! Does your family have an advent calendar? Our family hasn’t done one before, but this year I decided to get a Lego Friends Advent calendar. Each day I will share with you whatever little surprise shows up behind that day’s door. 🙂

Advent calendars help us count down the days until Christmas Day. There are soooo many kinds of Advent calendars out there! They have them for Lego, Hot Wheels, Matchbox cars, Play Doh, chocolate, beauty products, jewelry, pets, wine, The Elf on the Shelf, rubber ducks, candles and the list goes on and on!! You can buy them premade or make one of your own.

Back to our Lego Friends Advent Calendar…the first picture is from the front of the box. Now let’s look at the backside.

From the backside of the box, you can carefully cut through the tape holding it closed and a flap will open up. You can make a fun Christmas scene here by adding each day’s surprise Lego set after you put it together.

There are separate little closed doors marked on the box and each door is labeled with a number.

The numbers are not in order so you get to do a little search to find each day’s numbered door. Today is December 1, so let’s find the box marked with a 1. There it is!

Let’s carefully open door #1…look what’s inside!

A small pack of Lego pieces…

Hmm…I wonder what these make? There aren’t any printed directions to build from, but after looking at the box a bit, I think these pieces make Santa’s chair.

Yes, they do! How fun!

Ok, I’m putting the chair in the Christmas scene!

I wonder what will be behind tomorrow’s door? Check back tomorrow to find out! 🙂 This is going to be lots of fun!

Simple Felt Gingerbread Man Kit

I went on another trip to a Dollar Tree store to check out what might be new for some Christmas/Winter fun. I found this felt gingerbread man kit that I thought was cute and is simple enough for even the little kids to do with a little help with gluing.

I know you can’t tell from the picture, but this guy is big! He measures about 15″ tall by about 11″ wide. 🙂 Since I bought him at a Dollar Tree store, he only cost $1.25 plus tax. Pretty cheap fun, right? All you need besides the kit is some glue. Be sure to save the small picture of the finished gingerbread man to use as your guide in putting him together.

One tip before you get started…you might like to make a pattern for each felt piece before you glue them together and then you can make as many gingerbread men as you would like to make. 😉

Here’s what is inside: felt shapes for the gingerbread man, eyes, nose, mouth, cheeks, snowflakes and rickrack.

The eyes and mouth punch out from the black piece of felt.

And the light green piece of felt punches out into 4 pieces of rickrack.

Please note that there is a wrong and a right side to the gingerbread man. One side has printing on it so that will, of course, be the back side.

Grab your glue and let’s put this guy together! 🙂 I started by gluing on his eyes, nose and mouth.

Add his cheeks and snowflake buttons down the front.

Glue the 4 pieces of rickrack on his arms and legs and your gingerbread man is finished! 🙂 Note: the rickrack pieces didn’t quite reach from side to side on his arms and legs but it looks cute anyway.

You can add a magnet or a piece of string to the back of your gingerbread man if you would like to be able to hang him up. Check your nearest Dollar Tree store for this simple and cute gingerbread man felt kit! Have fun! 🙂

Making Turkeys From Cheese and Cracker Packs

Today I’m bringing you a fun Thanksgiving craft for the kids that they can also eat! 🙂 Let’s make some turkeys from a pack of cheese and crackers or breadsticks.

You will need: individual packs of cheese and crackers or breadsticks, some colored paper, wiggly eyes, double sided tape or glue, scissors and a pencil.

Help your child place their hand on the colored paper and use the pencil to trace around it. Little hands work best for this project but I’ll show you what you can do if you only have a “big person’s” hand like I did. 😉

Cut out the hand shape using the scissors.

I made 2 to show you what it looks like if you care to use scrapbook paper.

Break a pack of cheese and crackers or breadsticks off from the other packs.

The hand shape will be taped or glued to the back of the cheese and crackers pack to be the turkey’s feathers. Lay the pack on the hand shape and see how it fits together.

Because I used an adult sized hand to make my hand shape, the turkey’s feathers are too large for the pack of snacks. I drew 2 lines and cut off the thumb part of the shape and some on the other side to make my feathers fit better.

Attach the feathers to the back of the snack pack. I used double sided tape.

Now glue 2 wiggly eyes onto the cheese part of the snack pack.

Cut a triangle out from a piece of orange paper or use white paper and color the triangle orange. Glue it in place for the turkey’s beak.

Your turkey can be finished here or you can add some turkey legs. I used yellow paper for some legs for 1 of my turkeys.

And that’s all there is to it! I hope your kids have fun making some mostly edible turkeys for Thanksgiving this year! 🙂

Fun Toothpick Trick

Here’s a fun trick the kids can do to impress their friends and family. 😉 All you need is 5 wooden toothpicks, a small plate and some water.

Break each toothpick in the middle but leave the 2 halves attached. That’s important.

Place the broken part of each toothpick in the center of the plate as shown in the following picture. Place the bent toothpicks side by side but not quite touching each other. (Mine might be touching in the picture…oops!)

Very slowly let drops of water drip into the center of the toothpicks. You can use a spoon or an eye dropper but do just a couple of drops at a time. Watch what begins to take shape as you slowly add the water.

Keep slowly adding drops of water until the toothpicks form a….what do you see? Yes, a star! 🙂

Adding water too quickly or not in the center can make the trick not work quite right so be careful about those 2 things and you’ll do great!

Pretty neat, isn’t it? You can take it a step farther by telling your audience after you have laid the bent toothpick on the plate, that you are a magician and you will now make the toothpicks turn into a star without even touching them! 😉 I hope you have fun showing others your new trick! 🙂