Taste Testing Tuesday #55 – Fruit Salad

Hello there! Yep, it’s Tuesday so here we go again! Would you like to serve a fruit salad for part of a meal but it’s a big hassle because nobody likes the same fruit and you can’t remember who likes what?! Yea…been there, done that, right? So here’s one solution. Fix the fruit and then have a taste test. Once everyone knows what kind of fruit they like (and don’t like) each person can put their favorites into their individual bowl.

Here are some of the fruit I used but of course, use the fruit you and your family will eat.

#1.) Strawberries

#2.) White Seedless Grapes

#3.) Blueberries

#4.) Mandarin Oranges or small orange pieces

#5.) Red Seedless Grapes

#6.) Bananas

After all fruits have been tested by tasting, each person can add the fruit they like to their bowl.

Stir in a little yogurt or sour cream and ENJOY!

I love fruit salad, especially during the summer when it’s hot outside. It’s cool and refreshing. I hope this taste test will make fruit salads go over more smoothly at your house! 😃

Taste Testing Tuesday #53 – Raw Tomatoes

Welcome to another round of Taste Testing Tuesday! Its that time of year again when the tomatoes are getting ripe and there is usually an abundance of them. And tomatoes are so good for you! So for today’s taste test, let’s look at some ideas for eating tomatoes raw.

#1.) Try them plain with nothing on them. If it’s a ripe tomato, you might just like it as it is.

#2.) With salt and pepper. This is how I used to love them when I was a kid. (Yes, the little eggs are my salt and pepper shakers.) 😉

Doesn’t that look yummy?

#3.) With some sugar sprinkled on top. My grandmother used to fix sliced tomatoes this way.

#4.) Sprinkled with basil or even a little oregano.

I’m drooling looking at this picture!

#5.) With some taco seasoning added. This smells delicious!

#6.) Top the tomato with your favorite salad dressing. I used Ranch dressing.

#7.) Sprinkle some grated mozzarella cheese on top. Mmmm! 🙂

Of course, raw tomato is great sliced and added to a sandwich or chopped up and tossed in with a salad. I hope these suggestions will give you some ideas to try and you’ll find some new ways to enjoy raw tomatoes! 🙂

Taste Testing Tuesday #51 – Dinosaur Eggs!

Sorry for the lateness of this post! It’s been one of those days…

Do your kids love dinosaurs? Then I bet they would be excited to see what’s inside of a dinosaur egg! And wouldn’t it be nice if while looking for little dinosaurs that have hatched out of eggs, they also ate some oatmeal? Someone at the Quaker Oats company thought so!

This is a fun way to get your kids excited for breakfast! It’s a really cute idea. Inside the box are individual packets of instant oatmeal that have dinosaur eggs mixed in. But first, be sure to look at the fun facts and riddle on the outside of the packets.

Just in case you have trouble seeing the answer to the riddle…

Empty a packet into a bowl and let the kids see the cool dinosaur eggs.

Add 1/2 Cup of boiling water…


And start looking for dinosaurs! They magically hatch when you stir in the boiling water. Very cool! Here’s a green one…

And we found an orange one…

There’s also a dark red one.

Hopefully the kiddos will be taking bites of oatmeal while they hunt for dinosaurs! Don’t you wonder what a dinosaur tastes like? Do the different colors taste the same or do they have different flavors?

See how many dinosaurs you can find! Breakfast might turn into the favorite meal of the day if you can hunt for dinosaurs! 😉 Have fun and fill up those little bellies with dinosaurs!

Taste Testing Tuesday #46 Salads That Go on Bread or Crackers

It’s Tuesday again! And it’s a HOT Tuesday here! 92 degrees with a heat index of 99 degrees. Whew! Are you ready for some Taste Testing Tuesday fun? Let’s do this!

Today let’s talk about the kind of salads that you eat on a piece of bread or on top of crackers. There are several different kinds but we’ll talk about 3 kinds today that I had ingredients on hand to make.

#1.). Egg salad. There are many ways to make egg salad but I make it using hard boiled eggs, mayonnaise (Miracle Whip), salt and a little onion powder.

#2.) Chicken Salad. Again, lots of ways to make it but I usually make it close to the same way I make the egg salad but I add in some cooked chicken and a little sweet pickle relish. Some people like to add white seedless grapes to chicken salad, just be sure to cut them in pieces first.

#3.) Corned Beef salad. For this salad, just open a can of corned beef, add the mayonnaise, chopped hard boiled eggs, a little onion powder if you like it. Mix it up and spread it on a piece of bread or crackers! Yum!

A few more of these types of salads that I know about or have made at some point would be ham salad, tuna salad, salmon salad, roast beef salad (super yummy!) and probably more that I’m not thinking of at the moment. These types of salads are so nice to eat on hot days like today when you don’t want to turn on the stove or oven. I hope you’ll do a taste test on one or more of these and let me know what you think! 😃

Taste Testing Tuesday #42 – Canned Fruit

Taste Testing Tuesday is here once again! Today we’re trying some canned fruit. Sometimes fresh fruit just isn’t readily available or canned fruit is simply easier to pack in a lunch. Canned fruit can by purchased in larger cans to serve more people or in individual cups size servings. Whatever your reason, canned fruit is good to eat! There are quite a few kinds of canned fruit to try but today we will be looking at 4 kinds for our taste test.

#1.) Peaches.

#2.) Pears.

#3.) Mandarin Oranges.

#4.) Grapefruit.

I have to say I think these are ALL delicious! Give each one a try and see what you think. Remember, you can make your taste test even more fun by making a chart and adding a face in each box that shows what you think about each type of fruit. A smiley for “Yum!”, a straight face for “It’s ok.” and a frowning face for “Umm, no thanks!” For an example, here’s the one we used when we taste tested carrots in an earlier blog post.

Other canned fruit you might want to use for your taste test could be pineapple, cherries, apricots, mixed fruit, plums, prunes, etc. Sooooo……drum roll!! Which type of canned fruit wins?! 🙂 Each person’s favorite might be different and that’s ok! I hope you have fun with your Taste Testing Tuesday today! (Ha! Say that fast 5 times! LOL) 😉

Taste Testing Tuesday #41 – Yogurt Drinks

Happy Tuesday to you! It’s another Tuesday for having fun doing a taste test! Today we are looking at some Chobani Greek Yogurt drinks. Our local store only had 3 flavors today so that’s what we had to use for our taste test.

If your kids are so busy playing that they don’t take time to sit down and eat, this might be a good suggestion for a way to get a little more goodness in them. Shake it up, open it, stick a straw in and down the hatch it goes! 😉 Let’s look at our flavors…

#1.) Mixed Berry. This one has blueberries, raspberries and blackberries in it. It’s a cool light purple color. 😉

#2.) Pina Colada is a pineapple coconut flavored drink with pineapple juice in it. It’s a pretty yellow color when you pour it in a cup.

#3.) Peach. As you might expect, this one has peach puree in it and is a nice light orange color.

I believe Chobani also makes their Greek yogurt drinks in other flavors such as Mango, Strawberry Banana, and Cherry Vanilla. Maybe you can find these flavors in your local store. Ok, does everyone have a little taste of each flavor in a cup now? Let the taste testing begin! 🙂 Do you like the Greek yogurt drink? Which flavor is the best? Of these 3 flavors I would say I like the Peach the best, then the Pina Colada and lastly the Mixed Berry. My favorite one is the Cherry Vanilla, so I hope you can find that one and give it a try!

Happy Taste Testing Tuesday!! 🙂

Taste Testing Tuesday #40 – Raisins

It’s Taste Testing Tuesday time once again! Gather ’round for another exciting tasting adventure! 😉 Let’s checkout raisins today and some delicious ways to eat them. So what is a raisin? A raisin is just a dried grape. They can be used raw or in cooking and baking. Raisins come in a variety of sizes and colors, but the most common are the brown raisins and the golden raisins. You can buy the general type of raisins or you can buy organic raisins. So how do people like to eat raisins? Straight from the box is a great way!

There are vanilla yogurt covered raisins.

And even Chocolate yogurt covered raisins.

Have you ever tried “Ants on a Log”? It’s simply a banana sliced in half lengthwise, topped with peanut butter and then a few raisins added on top for the “ants”. 😉

Trail mix is a popular way people like to eat raisins. You can pretty much mix together whatever nuts and dried fruit and candies that you like and call it Trail Mix. The one I made has walnuts, pepitas (pumpkin seeds), almonds, pecans, dried cranberries, raisins and M&M candies. It’s a nice mixture of sweet and salty, crunchy and chewy, and (minus the M&M candies) fairly healthy.

Here are a few other ways to use raisins…my mom used to bake them in cookies; some dry cereal has raisins in it, like Raisin Bran; oatmeal is really good with raisins; they are great in salads, especially in a broccoli salad; and cinnamon raisin bread is a favorite of mine! A funny story my husband tells from when he was a little boy is that he used to stuff his cheek full of raisins and then spit the juice on the ground like he was chewing tobacco. Haha! (Ok, so that’s kinda yucky, isn’t it?!)

Here’s our little plate, ready for taste testing!

I hope you’ll have fun doing a taste test with raisins and maybe you’ll find a new fun way to eat them! Leave a comment and tell me what is your favorite way to eat raisins! 🙂

Taste Testing Tuesday #39 – Jam/Jelly

Hello and welcome to another round of Taste Testing Tuesday! Hope you are having a great week! Today we’re tasting different kinds of jelly or jam. We tested 4 different kinds. Of course, you can taste test different flavors than we did. We used bread but you could also use your favorite cracker instead. Let’s get started!

#1.) Strawberry Jam. I like the Smucker’s Simply Fruit brand.

#2.) Grape Jelly. Here’s an interesting tidbit…Baltimore Oriole birds like to eat grape jelly. 🙂

#3.) Red Raspberry Jam

#4.) Apricot Jam. This one is also Smucker’s Simply Fruit.

What flavors of jam or jelly are you using for your taste test? Which is your favorite? My favorite is the strawberry jam with the apricot jam coming in a close second. My husband likes the red raspberry the best. (I like the flavor but not all the seeds.) Great things to add to your jelly or jam are peanut butter or cream cheese. I hope you enjoy doing a jelly/jam taste test! 🙂

Happy National Grilled Cheese Sandwich Day!

Yep, it’s a “real day”! (At least my phone says it is.) So what should you do on National Grilled Cheese Sandwich Day? Well, make a grilled cheese sandwich, of course! This is a great way to get kids started in the kitchen. So here we go! Grab some bread, your favorite cheese, some butter, a skillet and a spatula and let’s get cooking! Start by laying out 2 slices of bread.

Butter the top of both slices of bread.

Lay the slices of bread together with the butter sides touching.

Lay your slices of cheese on top of the bread. Our favorite grilled cheese sandwich includes swiss cheese…

And 2 slices of American cheese.

Lay the top slice of bread with the cheese on it, into your skillet, butter side down.

And top with the second slice of buttered bread, butter side up.

Turn the burner on to medium heat. Keep a close eye on the bottom of your sandwich so it doesn’t burn. My hubby likes to use a lid for the skillet, but I usually don’t. When it’s nicely browned, it’s time to flip it over and cook the second side.

As your bread is getting brown and crispy, your cheese will be melting. When the second side is browned and the cheese is nicely ooey-gooey, turn off the skillet and put your yummy grilled cheese sandwich on a plate.

Cut your delicious sandwich in half and enjoy!! Ooooo, such yummy goodness!

If you want to add some more yumminess to your sandwich, try adding some thin slices of turkey or ham. Yum! I hope you have a great National Grilled Cheese Sandwich Day! 🙂