Making a Simple Handmade Card

With the price of greeting cards these days, a great hobby can be making your own cards. Today I want to share a simple design that can be made in different ways for different occasions. This design can be made by kids too although especially young children will need some help.

I used a premade blank card but you can also use a piece of cardstock. If using the cardstock, cut an 8 1/2″ x 11″ piece in half and then use one of the halves by folding it in half.

You’ll need 4-6 different pieces of coordinated printed paper like scrapbooking paper. I had a pack of origami paper, so that’s what I used.

Here are the 4 papers I used for my card.

Cut some strips from your paper so that you have some of each color/print. I cut mine about 1″ wide by the length of the paper which was about 6″. You can make the strips all the same width or you can make them different widths. Both ways will work fine.

Select 1 strip of paper and glue it down to the front of the card. Let it hang over both edges.

Glue another strip of paper next to the first one. I left a small space between the strips, but you can line them up against each other if you prefer.

Continue gluing on strips until you have filled up the front of the card.

Using a pair of scissors, trim off the extra parts of the strips of paper all the way around the front of the card.

Then the outside of your card is finished. 🙂

You can write a verse or greeting inside the card to fit the occasion. The paper can be coordinated with the occasion too. For instance, use birthday type scrapbooking paper for your strips when making a birthday card. I have some stamps and ink that I used to put a message inside my card.

Little stickers can also add a nice touch to your card.

And there you are! You have a cute card ready to send to brighten someone’s day. 🙂

Another Valentine Card Kids Can Make

Are you still looking for Valentine cards that are simple enough for your kids to make? Here’s another suggestion for you! We’ll call this one the Soda Pop Valentine card. 😉 You’ll need a piece of paper, glue, a black marker, colored pencils or crayons, a pencil, scissors, a cut out paper heart and a straw.

I used half a sheet of pink construction paper for my card. I folded it in half to make a nice size for a card. On the front, using a pencil, draw a soda pop bottle.

With a thin line marker or black pen, trace over the bottle you just drew so that it stands out more plainly.

Color in the bottom 2/3 of the bottle whatever color you’d like your pop (soda) to be. I used brown for Root Beer. I wrote the words Root Beer on my bottle but you can write whatever kind of pop you like to drink and color it the same color as the drink you chose.

(Sorry I’m not sure why this picture looks purple!) Now imagine that the straw you have is inside this bottle of pop. (soda) Cut your straw to fit the bottle. Have the bottom of the straw just touching the top of the pop (soda) in your bottle. The top of the straw should stick out above the bottle opening.

Add a line of glue down the length of the straw and hold it in place on your card for just a little bit till the glue can start to set up.

If you have a permanent black marker, you can draw the rim of the bottle on your straw too so it looks more like it is inside the bottle.

Now with a pen or marker write the words, “I “soda” love you!” (I sorta love you!)

Next, you should write on the cut out heart these words…”I love you so much I think my heart might “pop”! 😉

Then glue the heart to the inside right hand side of your card.

If you like, you can add some little lines around the outside of the heart to help make the heart look like it’s ready to pop!

And there you are! All finished! Great job! Who will you share your Valentine card with? Remember to sign your name so the person will know you are the one that made this great card for them. 🙂