A Warm Project to Start 2020

Happy New Year! We are off and running already with 2020! I have lots of fun things in store for our new year so I hope you will stick around to enjoy them! I often think of January as a cold month, so let’s do a fun project that will also help keep you warm! Let’s make a scarf! Don’t know how to knit or crochet? No problem! Have you seen the soft fluffy yarn made with loops? There are several brands that produce it but here is an example of one:

The first time I saw it, I wondered how in the world you could knit it with knitting needles or crochet it with a crochet hook, but then I found out you don’t need either of them! All you need besides the yarn is your FINGERS! There are several ways to ‘knit’ this yarn, but I’ll just show you one way today. Let’s get going!! Here’s what the yarn looks like close up…

It’s just a row of loops. The first thing you need to do is count over the number of loops you need for the width you want your scarf to be. We’ll go with 8 loops.

To start knitting, take the 9th loop and pull it through the 8th loop from the back to the front.

Take the next loop (in this case it’s the 10th one) and pull it through the 7th loop.

Great! Now you have 2 loops done in your first row.

Continue going back down your original 8 loops by pulling the next loop on the yarn strand through until you have done that for each of your 8 loops. This is what it will look like.

Always be careful to match up the next loop on your scarf with the next loop on the yarn strand. Now you are ready to go back across your scarf from left to right, continuing to pull loops through. Take the next loop (green where my finger is) through the first loop on the second row of your scarf (also green in this example).

That’s all there is to the knitting part. Just keep working your way back and forth across your scarf, continuing with pulling loops from the yarn strand through the loops on your scarf.

After a few rows it will begin to take shape and you will see your scarf developing!

Continue knitting until your scarf is as long as you would like it to be. Once your scarf is the desired length, you can bind off to put an end on your scarf. Here is a scarf in a different set of colors to show you how to bind off at the end. Stop knitting so that your yarn strand is coming out the left side of your scarf.

Now go back to the top loops on the right side of your scarf. Take loop number 7 and pull it through loop number 8.

Then take loop number 6 and pull it through loop number 7.

Continue working your way across your scarf in the same manner. See how it is making less loops and putting a finished edge on your scarf?

Continue knitting until you have just one loop left. Now it’s time to cut the yarn strand off from your scarf. Cut on the bottom leaving 2 extra loops on the strand for finishing your scarf.

Take your scissors and carefully cut right at the bottom of each of the 2 extra loops.

This will open up the 2 extra loops and make 1 long strand of yarn.

Take the long single strand and pull it through the last loop left on your scarf.

Pull it down snuggly but not so tightly that you make your scarf look misshapen. Weave the end back through your scarf a few times to secure it. You can use a large needle to do this or just use your fingers.

Trim off the extra yarn strand. And tah dah! Your scarf is ready to wear and keep you toasty warm! This is my finished purple, gray and white scarf. It is soooo soft!

The front and back of your scarf will look a bit differently but that’s the way this kind of knitting works, and it’s all good! Here is the front side…

And this is the back side…

I taught my grandson how to make this type of scarf on New Year’s Day and he really enjoyed working on it. In fact, his whole family then went to the store to buy yarn so they could all make one! Haha! Be careful because this type of knitting is addictive! 😉