Hide and Seek Snacks

Are you looking for a way to make after-school snacks a little more fun? Maybe you need to cheer someone up after a not-so-great day at school? Today’s idea is super simple but lots of fun! Grab a cup for each kiddo and let’s make a Hide and Seek Snack! All you need is a cup for each child and some small snack items. I used a 9 oz plastic cup for my example. Gather up whatever snackies you have on hand that your child likes to munch on.

I found some fruit gummies, Cheez-its crackers, chocolate chips, cereal, raisins, cashews and Honey Nut Thins crackers. You can tailor the items to fit your child’s age. Tiny marshmallows or cheese cubes on a toothpick were some of our kids favorite items for this game. Put all your snack food into the cup.

If you have more than one child, you might find it helpful to write each person’s name on a cup. It can help solve the squabbles over whose cup of goodies it is! 😉

Now for the “Hide” part of the fun! Find a place to hide each cup of snacks. Again, depending on your child’s age how hard you make the hiding place. Here are a few suggestions to get you started. In a drawer…

In some pots and pans…

Hidden among some water bottles…

Or maybe hiding between some favorite books.

When the children arrive home from school, tell them you’ve made them a special snack but they need to search for it. You can give them clues to help them find their snack or play the game of “You are cold, you are hot”…the closer they get to where the snack is hidden the “hotter” they are. For instance, if they are in the wrong part of the house you say, “You are cold.” When they get to the right room, you can tell them “You are warm now!” As they get closer to the hiding place, you can say “You are getting warmer!” or “You are hot!” And if they are standing right beside it, “You are burning up!!” Happy cheering and lots of clapping when their snack cup is found goes a long ways towards making this Hide and Seek Snack a lot of fun! 🙂

Not Your Everyday “Ants on a Log”

Looking for a quick, but different kids snack idea? Something we made occasionally when our kids were little came from them having it as a snack while at school. We called it “Ants on a Log”. Well, in doing some research on that title, I discovered that when a lot of people make “Ants on a Log” they use celery for the log part. We use bananas. 🙂 So if your kid really isn’t that into celery, you might have a go at trying bananas. Here’s all you need:

Gather up a banana, some peanut butter, raisins and chocolate chips plus a table knife. (We also added some blueberries and dried cranberries.) Start by peeling the banana and cutting it in half and then cut each of those pieces in half lengthwise. Spread each piece with a little peanut butter. Now the “log” is ready.

Add some “ants” on top. You can use raisins…

Or chocolate chips…(probably gets the most popular vote!)

Dried cranberries…

Or fresh blueberries…quite yummy!

Another ingredient that I think would look awesome would be the small chocolate sprinkles added on top. Now THAT would really look like ants! But alas, we are out of them. Send me a picture if you make some with sprinkles! And let me know what other ideas you come up with for the “ants”. You could use cream cheese in place of the peanut butter.

One banana makes 4 yummy snack pieces. 🙂

Hey!! Someone took a bite out of one of the “Ants on a Log”! Can you spot which one?! Who did that?? Rusty? Was that you?? (Do dogs like bananas?) Hmmm…maybe there is an anteater hiding in my house!! What do you think? 😉