New Lego Minifigures!

Have you seen the new Lego Minifigures that just released on January 1, 2023? This is Series 24 and there are 12 different minifigures that come in surprise packages. You can’t see which one you are getting until you open the package. But that’s half the fun, right? 🙂

Inside the package, along with your minifigure, is this paper showing all the minifigures that are available.

Here’s what I saw when I opened my first pack:

Put him together and you have a cool guy with a koala bear!

I also had a second pack and this is what was inside it:

This guy obviously loves carrots and can be made 2 ways. The first way he has orange hair.

Or he can be a carrot mascot in a carrot costume. 😉

So I now have a start of a new Lego collection! (These little things are addictive!) I bought these online through Barnes & Noble but they are now available in other stores too. Have fun collecting! I’d love to see which ones you get in your surprise package! 🙂

Welcome to 2023!

Welcome to 2023! I hope your year is starting off better than mine did. I welcomed the new year in by being sick. Yea, not so fun. But I think the worst of it is over (fingers crossed) so I wanted to share an idea with you today. It involves Lego! 😉

I got bored sitting/laying around while feeling crummy so I got a lid from a 9 x 13″ pan and a small Lego kit that I hadn’t had time to put together yet.

A cookie sheet would work well for this too. Any flat tray that has an edge to keep things from falling off would be great.

I was able to still recline (since my head was not happy sitting all the way upright) and enjoy putting this small set together. There’s the engine of the Winter Holiday Train!

Working on the 2 cars…

And it’s complete!

I added an elf I had gotten from the Lego Minifigures series 23 sets along with the little snow globe that came with her. I think it’s so cute! 🙂

I’ve added my little Lego train to my winter decor. 🙂 It was a nice little something to do to break up the monotony of laying around while sick. Hope this idea will help you the next time someone isn’t feeling so great at your house. Stay healthy! 🙂

After Christmas Sales Galore!

I hope you had a wonderful Christmas yesterday! Now that Christmas is over, the end-of-the-year sales are in full swing! I wanted to share some of these sales with you in case you haven’t heard about them yet.

#1.) Let’s start with Bath&BodyWorks semi-annual sale. Yep, it only happens twice a year and this is one of those times! These are just some pictures from my email, not links to their website. I’m not affiliated with Bath&BodyWorks.

Notice this candle sale is only for today! (12-26-22)

Here is the link to their website:

#2.) Another sale happening today is online only at:

They have Lego sets 20, 30 and 40% off the regular price. Some of the sets on sale are also sets they will be retiring soon.

#3.) Be sure to check out the sales at Target!

Plus many more things on sale at Target!

#4.) Walmart has clearance prices too!

Here’s just 2 of the toys on clearance that I saw online.

That’s just a few of the stores that are having their winter clearances going on now. Again, I’m not affiliated with any of these stores. Just trying to help you save some money. 😉 Keep your eyes open and shop around and you’ll find some great deals! 🙂

Day #24 – Lego Advent Calendar

We have reached the final day of our Lego Friends advent calendar! The time sure seemed to go by so quickly!

Let’s look behind the last door!

Here are the pieces. I bet you can figure this one out by yourself!

It’s an adorable snowman! I think I would like to keep him out where I can see him all winter!

For now I’ll put him in our Christmas scene. 🙂

Well, that wraps up our Lego Friends advent calendar! There are quite a few extras pieces included with this set. Now to see what else we can use them for, right? 😉

Thanks for following along with me! I hope you have enjoyed it as much as I have! 🙂 And now it’s Christmas Eve! 🙂

Day #23 – Lego Advent Calendar

Sorry to be slow posting this today! It’s been a very crazy weather day for us. Winter storm Elliot has not been too friendly. Hope you are all doing ok and staying warm! But let’s move on with day #23 of our Lego Friends advent calendar.

Inside the door is…

This set is easy to figure out by just looking at the pieces. 🙂

Yep, it’s a girl! Sorry, I don’t know her name. Can anyone help me out with that?

She’s ready to help Santa prepare his sleigh for tomorrow night!

We have 1 more day left in our Lego Friends advent calendar. Be sure to stop by tomorrow and see what we find! 🙂

Day #22 – Lego Advent Calendar

Here we are, ready for day #22 of our Lego Friends advent calendar! December is flying past so quickly!

Let’s open the door!

These pieces are interesting!

This set should have been behind door #2, but our box got mixed up.

Yes, it’s a rocket! That is very cool! 🙂

It even has a wrench hooked on the side of the launch pad in case you need to “fix” anything. 😉

Come back tomorrow when we’ll open up door #23! 🙂

Day #21 – Lego Advent Calendar

So now that we’ve solved the mystery of why the pictures inside the doors don’t match the Lego sets for each day, (see my previous post) we shall look at what is hiding behind door #21!

Are you ready?

Today’s set doesn’t need to be put together, but oh, it’s a cute one!

Yep, it’s a reindeer! 🙂 (Did you say “Awww!” You can bet I did!) And look, he can be hooked up to Santa’s sleigh! That’s so fun!

Be sure to check back tomorrow! Only 3 more days for our Lego Friends advent calendar!

My Lego Advent Calendar Was Backwards!

Sooo, remember how none of my Lego sets in my Lego Friends advent calendar matched the pictures inside the doors on how to make the sets? Well, I found out that it’s probably because the inside box holding all the sets was put in the outside box backwards.

Yeeeeeah…so I was right, the pictures and the Lego sets SHOULD have been matching up! I guess I should have looked into this problem sooner. So if you have a Lego Friends advent calendar this year, you have likely been seeing your sets in a different order than I’ve posted on here. OOPS! Sorry! This mix up has happened to lots of people. But it’s still been fun! 🙂

Day #20 – Lego Advent Calendar

Hello and welcome to Day #20 of our Lego Friends Advent Calendar!

What do you spy with your little eye behind today’s door?

Let’s take a closer look at those pieces.

If you look back at the inside of door #4, you can see how to make this set.

I put this set together, but I don’t know what it is. Can anyone help me out with that? I’m wondering if it is a game where you spin the wheel? The round part at the top does spin around.

I’ve put it in the Christmas scene by the other game.

Thanks for checking in today! See you tomorrow! 🙂