Fun With a Little Lego

If you are looking for something small to brighten your kid’s day, how about a little package of Lego? Have you seen the small packages of the minifigures Lego? You may find different colored packages that are from different series. This one is from series 23 and is the one I’ve seen the most recently in stores near us. The price seems to be $4.99 every place I’ve seen them for sale.

These little packages contain 1 minifigure and half the fun is the suspense of wondering which minifigure will be inside your package! For this series, there are 12 different figures available and they all look like fun!

Ok, it’s time to open the package!! Drum rolllllllllll…..! Which one will we get?!

We got the Sugar Fairy! 🙂 Yay! These are the parts included in this bag.

The Sugar Fairy has a two-sided face so you get to decide which one you will see by how you put the figure together.

It was fun putting her together! 🙂 A base for her to stand on was included as well as an extra crown.

Here she is!

Now she can hang out with Butterfly Girl! 😉

No matter which figure is inside your package, it’s bound to bring some smiles and fun!

It’s National Lego Day!

WHEEHAW! National Lego is a day to celebrate! Dust off those Lego sets and start building! 🙂

Lego sets are fun whether they are a big set or a very small set.

While Lego sets may seem to be on the expensive side, when you consider all the time that will be spent playing with them and all the different things that can be made from one set, it turns out not to be as expensive as it might seem at first.

Lego sets make great gifts! Here are some happy smiles from Christmas. 🙂

(Yes, that is a candy cane in his mouth.) Lol 😉

Building Lego is good for relaxation and also for mental stimulation. Did you know Lego even sponsors corporate retreats for adults? Sign me up! 🙂 There are Legoland theme parks (on my bucket list!), a Legoland Discovery Center in Tempe, AZ and lots of Lego retail stores you can visit. There are such things as Lego clothing, backpacks, bags, video games and Lego movies.

It can be fun to collect themed sets of Lego.

And it’s so fun to look forward to new Lego sets each year!

Be sure to check out all the fun at! Have a great National Lego Day! 🙂