A Change-up For Lunchtime Fun

Do your kids get tired of eating sandwiches for lunch? Or do your kids not really like bread? Try this fun idea just to change things up a bit. Sometimes all we need is a little something out of the ordinary to cheer us up. Gather up your lunchmeat slices, cheese and condiments and let’s liven up lunch! 🙂

Lay a slice of lunchmeat on a cutting board. Depending on the size it is and the age of the child that will be eating it, you may want to cut the slice in half.

Spread your child’s favorite condiment on the meat. I went with mustard on one half and Ranch dressing on the other half.

Top this with a yummy slice of cheese. I used Swiss cheese and Smoked Cheddar for my example.

Starting at one side, roll the meat and cheese up together.

As you might notice, the right side of my meat slice was pretty thin and so it fell apart as I tried to roll it up. Solution – if your lunchmeat is sliced thin, use 2 pieces of meat together.

You can stop here and have “rollups” for lunch or you can take it a step further and cut the rollup in smaller pieces.

If your child is old enough to safely use toothpicks, stick one toothpick into each piece of sliced rollup to hold it together.

Add a slice of tomato or a few baby carrots or some fruit in the center of the circle and lunch is ready to be served! 🙂

As always, adapt this suggestion to fit your child’s age and your family’s situation. I hope changing up lunch helps to brighten your day! 🙂

Taste Testing Tuesday #49 – No crusts, please!

“But Mom, I don’t like the crust on my sandwich!” Have you heard that one? I’m guessing a big percentage of moms have! LOTS of kids don’t like the crust on their sandwich. So you can…#1.) Make them eat it anyway, #2.) Cut the crusts off OR #3.) Buy Uncrustables! What is an Uncrustable? A sandwich with no crusts! Brilliant invention, right? What mom isn’t looking for a simpler, more peaceful way to have lunch sometimes?! So for today’s taste test, let’s see what the kiddos think of Uncrustables. (I can’t eat most kinds of bread because of a food allergy, so I couldn’t actually participate in the taste test this week.) I found 3 flavors of Uncrustables at our local grocery store.

#1.) Peanut Butter and Grape Jelly. Mmmm! 🙂

#2.) Peanut Butter and Strawberry Jam. (This would be my favorite!)

#3.) Chocolate flavored Hazelnut Spread.

If you’ve never seen these before, they are in the frozen food section. So are these super tasty? Are they better without the crust? Inquiring minds want to know!! 😉 Which is your favorite? I’d love to hear what your opinion is! Have fun and SMILE, kids, because there are no crusts on these! LOL 🙂

Extra note: After some research online I see that there are more flavors of Uncrustables than I found and some even have meat in them! Also, there are a gazillion youtube videos that show you how to make your own! 🙂