Fun Toothpick Trick

Here’s a fun trick the kids can do to impress their friends and family. 😉 All you need is 5 wooden toothpicks, a small plate and some water.

Break each toothpick in the middle but leave the 2 halves attached. That’s important.

Place the broken part of each toothpick in the center of the plate as shown in the following picture. Place the bent toothpicks side by side but not quite touching each other. (Mine might be touching in the picture…oops!)

Very slowly let drops of water drip into the center of the toothpicks. You can use a spoon or an eye dropper but do just a couple of drops at a time. Watch what begins to take shape as you slowly add the water.

Keep slowly adding drops of water until the toothpicks form a….what do you see? Yes, a star! 🙂

Adding water too quickly or not in the center can make the trick not work quite right so be careful about those 2 things and you’ll do great!

Pretty neat, isn’t it? You can take it a step farther by telling your audience after you have laid the bent toothpick on the plate, that you are a magician and you will now make the toothpicks turn into a star without even touching them! 😉 I hope you have fun showing others your new trick! 🙂