Let’s Draw Penguins!

Think you aren’t the world’s greatest artist? Yea, me too, but you can draw this penguin! We’ll take it step by step and you will be impressed with your artistic abilities when you’re done! Grab a piece of white paper, a pencil if you are a little uneasy, a black marker if you’ve “got this” and an orange or yellow marker or pen. If you are feeling rather unsure, draw with the pencil first and then trace over it with the marker. First draw an oval on its side.

Next draw this shape inside the oval. It’s almost a heart but not pointed on the bottom like a heart.

Now let’s add 2 eyes and 2 little triangles for the penguin’s beak.

Color in the black part of the head and the orange or yellow beak.

Our penguin needs a body so let’s add an oval now for that. Add a second oval inside the first oval.

Next, color in the black part of the body.

How about giving your penguin 2 wings so he’ll be able to swim? And 2 feet are important for walking!

Color his wings in black and his feet in orange or yellow. And tah dah!! You’ve drawn your first adorable penguin! Great job! 🙂

If you enjoyed drawing one penguin, go ahead and draw a colony of them! 🙂