Super Cute Tiny Teddy Bear Made With Pipe Cleaners.

I found this oh, so adorable little teddy bear while I was looking through Pinterest. I had to see if I could make him look as cute as the instructions showed him and I think my second try turned out pretty well. 🙂 I didn’t have ribbon that was really thin enough so my bow might look a little bit big for him, but he’s still adorable.

This would be a fun project for kids that are a little older, say maybe starting around 8-10 years old. You only need 1 pipe cleaner per bear plus a little bow and 3 seed beads and some glue. The bears are pretty little which adds to their “cuteness factor”. They fit in the palm of your hand.

Here is a link to the Pinterest page with a video that shows you how to make the teddy bears.

Or here is another one that has written instructions and pictures in case you want to see things a little slower than the video. 😉

I hope you and your kids will give these fun little bears a try!

Super Quick and Easy Candy Canes

Candy canes are one of people’s most favorite things to decorate with for Christmas. So here is the quickest and easiest candy canes you’ve ever made! All you need is some red and white pipe cleaners (or chenille stems as some people call them). It’s also fun to mix in some green ones and even to use the sparkly red, silver and green kind. We’ll start off with one each of the fuzzy red and white pipe cleaners.

Twist the two pipe cleaners together so they look like the stripes on candy canes. I also like to twist the ends together a little tighter and bend the end over so folks don’t get poked by the sharp ends.

Bend the twisted pipe cleaners into the shape of a candy cane. That’s all there is to it! 🙂

Here are a few variations you can make…fuzzy red, white and green…

Or try the sparkly pipe cleaners…

Or make a tri-color sparkly one.

Whatever kind of pipe cleaners you go with, you’re sure to have fun making these simple candy canes!

You can hang them up just by hooking them over something or add a bit of thread or string to hang them. These are so fun and simple to make that you’ll want to make a dozen! 😉