Awesome Pool Birthday Cake

Are you looking for a fun cake idea for a summer birthday? Look no further! Our grandson had his birthday yesterday and his mom made him a really cool cake! Our daughter, Megan, is quite talented at making cakes and I just have to share this one with you. Hunter asked for a swimming pool birthday cake. (Whaaat?) Yep, and his mama did it!

Isn’t that awesome? 🙂 The cake started out with one layer of French Vanilla cake and a second layer of Chocolate Fudge cake.

Ooops, I almost drooled on my keyboard! 😉 The outside of the pool is Kit Kat candy bar pieces. Some blue frosting for the water, some Lifesavers candy (Get it? Lifesavers in the pool…) with Minecraft characters floating in them plus some graham cracker crumbs around the bottom and this is one cute cake! I think it turned out great and I think Hunter looks like he thinks so too. 🙂

This would make a great cake for someone you know and it doesn’t require any unusual items to make it. I only wish I was close enough to help them eat it! haha! Happy Birthday, champ! 🙂