Root Beer Float Day!

Sorry to be a day late on this special “holiday” but things were a bit crazy yesterday and I didn’t get my post up. I apologize for the delay. But root beer floats are yummy on any day, right?! 😉

Root beer floats are a very popular item at restaurants and ice cream shops, but you can also make them easily at home! All you need is a glass or cup, vanilla ice cream, root beer and a straw.

Scoop a bunch of ice cream into your glass or cup. The more you put in the better, in my opinion, but do leave a little room for some root beer!

SLOWLY pour the root beer into the glass. I say SLOWLY because the pop will foam up quickly when it meets the ice cream and it will run over the top of your glass if you aren’t careful.

Here’s a picture of the foam. Even if you pour the root beer slowly, you will get some foam. You can use a spoon and skim the foam off the top or wait for the foam to settle. (But who can wait that long when you need to be drinking your yummy treat??!!)

After some of the foam is gone, add more root beer. Pop a straw into your glass and enjoy!!

This is a great snack/drink for those hot summer days! Happy Belated Root Beer Float Day! 🙂