Making a Super Simple Shamrock and a Four-Leaf Clover

St. Patrick’s Day is tomorrow! Do you decorate your house in green four-leaf clovers and shamrocks? Maybe some leprechauns and pots of gold? Here is a super simple way to make some greenery for tomorrow! All you need is a piece of green paper, a green pipe cleaner, scissors, a pencil and some tape. Start by making a square piece from the green paper.

First we will make a four-leaf clover. Fold the green square in half.

Then fold the paper in half the other direction.

Use your pencil to draw a heart shape on this little folded square. Keep the folded side at the bottom.

Use your scissors to cut on the line you just drew.

Open the paper up and you have a four-leaf clover! 🙂

Turn your four-leaf clover over and tape the pipe cleaner to the back side.

Turn the four-leaf clover right side up again and there is your finished project! Great job! You can go on to color or decorate it if you want to.

Now, using the same idea as we did for the four-leaf clover, we can make a shamrock with just a couple of cuts with the scissors. Cut on the fold lines and remove one heart shape.

There is your shamrock! Tape the pipe cleaner to the back to have a stem for your shamrock. If you would like to, you can cut on the folds where the heart shapes meet, but only cut about half way. Then the leaves on your shamrock can separate a little.

I hope you will have lots of fun making four-leaf clovers and shamrocks for St. Patrick’s Day! 🙂

Taste Testing Tuesday #32 Shamrocks for Breakfast

It’s Tuesday again and here comes another round of taste testing! (Sorry to post so late, but it’s been one of those days!) Today’s taste test is a bit different. In honor of St. Patrick’s Day tomorrow, the test today is to see if you like shamrocks for breakfast or not! 😉 You’ll need a slice of bread, an egg, some green food coloring, butter, some green sugar, cinnamon and a skillet and spatula for cooking.

First, cut the center out of the slice of bread in the shape of a shamrock. If you have a shamrock shaped cookie cutter, that’s a great help.

Keep both pieces of the bread. We’ll use both of them.

Butter the top side of both pieces of bread.

Lay the “outside frame” piece of bread in a skillet, buttered side down. Then spread some butter on the top side too.

Crack open the egg into a small bowl and beat the egg with a fork.

Add a small amount of green food coloring to the egg. Start with a very small amount of food coloring! You can always add more. 😉

Mix the food coloring into the egg.

Turn the skillet on to a medium heat. When the skillet is warmed up, add a little bit of butter into the opening of the shamrock shape.

Slowly pour the green egg mixture into the shamrock opening in the bread.

Turn the heat to low and cover the skillet with a lid. For best results, I would suggest you keep the egg & bread in this position while it cooks. I turned mine over to finish cooking it and the shamrock shape isn’t quite as clear as it might have been if I hadn’t turned it over.

When the egg is cooked through, remove it from the skillet to a plate to serve it. Now for the other piece of bread in the shape of a shamrock. I placed it in the skillet on a medium-low heat and toasted it on both sides.

I removed the shamrock from the skillet and with the butter side facing up, sprinkled it with some green sugar and a little bit of cinnamon.

And there you are! A breakfast fit for any leprechaun! 😉

I hope you’ll enjoy trying this out for St. Patrick’s Day! 🙂

Some St. Patrick’s Day Fun

Happy Monday, everyone! It’s only 2 days until St. Patrick’s Day! Do you celebrate at your house? If you’re looking for another fun activity to do, here’s one I posted last year that’s simple and yet brings a lot of fun to your kids. It’s all about searching for hidden shamrocks and getting a prize from the end of the rainbow. Here’s a link to the fun!

Follow the link above to get all the details. I hope you’ll give it a try! 🙂

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

Still need something fun to do for St. Patrick’s Day? Here’s a super quick idea that can still bring plenty of smiles! You’ll need some green paper and a “prize” for each child that will be participating in this game. Start by drawing some shamrocks or clover shapes onto the green paper. I happen to have a cookie cutter shaped like a four-leaf clover so I placed it on the green paper and traced around it with a pencil. You will need as many shamrocks as there are children.

Cut out each shamrock.

Write a message on each shamrock. I wrote “It’s Your Lucky Day!”

Make sure you have 1 shamrock for each child. I made 4 for this example.

Turn the shamrocks over and write a number on the back of each one, starting at 1 and going up.

Make the same number of little squares of paper and number them with the same numbers so that there is a square with the matching number that is on each shamrock. Get your “prizes” together and tape 1 numbered square to each prize. A prize can be a small toy, a new book, some candy or a special cup of snacks, just for a few suggestions. Have your prizes in a place where they can’t be seen by the children. Hide the shamrocks but leave a tiny bit of green visible. Gather the kids in the same place and turn them loose to hunt for the shamrocks. If you like, you can make up a story about a mischievous leprechaun that visited your house and left behind shamrocks for them to find. The kids must search for the shamrocks in order to find the treasure from the end of the rainbow that the leprechaun brought them. Or make up a story of your own. 🙂 When all the shamrocks have been found, the kids should bring them to you and you can give them the prize that has the number taped to it that matches the shamrock they found.

This should be a fun little treasure hunt for kids of all ages. 🙂 Have fun and Happy St. Patrick’s Day!