Making a Melting Snowman

Today is the last day of February! Who is ready for Spring?! 🙂 To celebrate that winter will (hopefully) be leaving us soon, we made a melting snowman!

You will need some shaving cream (I used Barbasol), some Elmer’s glue, 2 big wiggly eyes, a piece of cardstock (a darker color shows up the best), some brown or black pipe cleaners, 3 small black pom poms or buttons and some colored paper. (You can make the snowman parts all out of colored paper if you’d like to.) You will need a bowl and spoon for mixing and a disposable bowl and spoon works best for easy cleanup.

Mix 1/2 Cup of shaving cream and 1/8 Cup of Elmer’s glue in the disposable bowl.

I suggest you wash your measuring cups right away to prevent the glue from drying in them. After you’ve mixed the shaving cream and glue together, spoon it out onto your piece of cardstock.

Spread the mixture using the back of the spoon until you have the shape you want for your melted snowman.

I cut 2 brown pipe cleaners in half and wrapped one half-piece around another to make some stick arms for the snowman. You can also cut some arms out of paper instead.

Stick the arms onto the melted snowman. I started out with my arms too high and I moved them down a little farther.

Add 2 wiggly eyes, some black pom poms or buttons and an orange carrot nose and a black hat cut from paper.

I cut a thin squiggly line from black paper for the snowman’s mouth.

Allow your snowman to dry for a couple of hours. It will still be puffy and soft to the touch but not sticky. And there you are! The last of the snowmen have melted on this last day of February! (Keeping my fingers crossed that we are done with snow, but we might not get that lucky!) 🙂

Making Snowmen From Craft Sticks

Today we are thinking of all those that are getting hit by the historic Winter Storm Olive! Yikes! In support of you, we are making some friendly snowmen using craft sticks. (Or some might call them popsicle sticks.) We used the wider sticks for our snowmen. Here’s a sneak peek! 😉

You will need 1 wide craft stick for each snowman plus glue, markers, small wiggly eyes, confetti type decorations (or just draw “buttons” on with markers), white paint, paintbrush, small pieces of pipe cleaners and a bit of black paper. (Or white paper that you color black.)

Begin by painting your craft sticks white and allowing them time to dry.

Once the paint is dry, glue 2 small wiggly eyes on each stick.

Using the markers, draw a carrot nose and a mouth on each snowman. If you add a few tiny lines to each orange carrot nose, the nose will look more realistic. 😉

Now wrap a piece of a pipe cleaner around the stick to be the snowman’s scarf. Twist the ends together once.

Glue on 3 small decorations for the snowman’s buttons or use your markers to draw some buttons.

If you would like your snowman to have a hat, color the top part of the stick with a black marker.

To finish making the hat, cut a very small strip of black paper and glue it on at the bottom of the black area you just colored in.

And that’s it! Your snowmen are finished! If you would like to hang up your snowmen, you can glue a magnet or a loop of string to the back of each one.

I hope everyone enjoys making their snowmen and that each and every one of you stays safe and warm! Hang on! Spring will be here soon! 🙂

Making Colorful Snowmen Inside the House

Building a snowman outside with the kids can be such a fun time, but it has it’s drawbacks, right? Like getting all the kids dressed for going out into the cold weather. Finding coats, snow pants, boots, mittens and hats and getting all the items on all the kids at the same time can be a challenge! And just as you are ready to head out the door, you’ll probably hear a bundled up kiddo say, “I have to go to the bathroom!” Or you will be outside for a total of 2 minutes before someone starts crying because snow got on them or they are too cold! Haha! Yep, been there, done that! 😉

So today, let’s build some snowman inside our nice, warm houses! 🙂 And why stick with just white snowmen? Nope, let’s add some color to our lives! We’re making colorful snowmen! All you need is a few colors of Play-Doh. You can, of course, make your own dough, but I dug out the leftover cans we have stashed away for the grandkids.

Pick a color for the snowman’s body and work the dough in your hands to soften it up. My first snowman is blue. Then make 3 balls for your snowman…1 small for the head, 1 medium for the middle and 1 larger for the bottom of the body.

Stack the balls on top of each other to build your snowman. If you have trouble getting the balls to sit one on top of the other, stick a toothpick in the center to hold them in place.

Make a little carrot for the snowman’s nose. It doesn’t need to be orange, but since we had some orange Play-Doh, I decided to stick with an orange nose.

Pick another color and make 2 teeny tiny balls for the snowman’s eyes.

Make a long skinny piece for a mouth.

I made a long flat piece of Play-Doh for a scarf. One handy way to roll the dough flat is to use the side of the can like you would use a rolling pin.

I wrapped the scarf around the snowman’s “neck”. He’s quite handsome, don’t you think? 😉

For my second snowman, I chose to use purple for his body.

I added an orange nose, green eyes and green buttons.

I gave this snowman a couple of arms.

Wow, I think that’s the first time I’ve made a blue and a purple snowman! They are kind of wild looking, aren’t they? 😉 That’s what makes them fun! You can feel free to make your snowman look any way you want! There’s no wrong color for a colorful snowman! 🙂

You can have fun making a snowman without needing your coat or mittens! Haha! Have fun!

Candy Bar Snowman Craft

Hello again! Hope this finds you all doing well and having fun preparing for Christmas! Here’s a cute craft to add to your holiday fun! I’ll show you a basic way to make it, but then the sky is the limit on how you decide to decorate your candy bar snowman. 🙂 You’ll need a candy bar, some white paper, tape, scissors and some markers for a basic snowman. I’ll be showing you how to use some foil also, but it’s up to you if you use it or not.

We’ll start by taping down the extra wrapper on the 2 ends of the candy bar.

As I mentioned already, I wrapped foil around the candy bar to make it look fancier, but if you don’t want to use foil on yours, you can skip ahead to the step using the white paper. To use the foil, tear off a piece a little bigger than the candy bar. This piece is bigger than I needed and I cut in down to a smaller size. You need enough foil to completely cover the candy bar.

Wrap the first side up and hold in place with a piece of tape.

Then wrap the second side up so it crosses over the first edge. I used double-sided tape to secure this side of foil.

Neatly fold the foil in on both ends of the candy bar.

The size of the candy bar you are using will determine what size you cut the white paper into. If you used foil, you will want to cut the white paper so that the foil shows a little on both ends of the candy bar after you wrap the white paper around it. If you didn’t use the foil, you can make the white paper go all the way to both ends of the candy bar.

Also cut the length of the paper so it will wrap around the candy bar and cross over a little on the back side.

Wrap the paper around the candy bar, but don’t tape/glue it in place just yet. Run your fingers down the sides of the candy bar so you leave creases in the paper. Then remove the paper from the candy bar. It’s time to start drawing our snowman. 🙂

You need to draw your snowman in between the middle creases on your paper. This will be the front of the snowman. I added eyes, a nose, a mouth and buttons using markers. I suggest doing all of your drawing before putting the paper around the candy bar.

Wrap the paper around the candy bar and tape it together on the back.

You can draw on a hat and scarf or use bits of colored paper to make them.

Your candy bar snowman can be finished now and shared with that someone special! 🙂 Or here are a few more suggestions you might want to try. You can use a pair of the small stretchy gloves for a hat. And tie or glue on some ribbon for a scarf.

You can use wiggly eyes instead of just drawing eyes or use tiny pom poms. Maybe you’d like to add sequins, snowflakes or real buttons to your snowman. A piece of fleece can be made into a hat or scarf. Let your imagination go wild or just use things that you have on hand. There’s no right or wrong way to make your snowman. 🙂 And each one you make can be different.

I hope you can take this basic candy bar snowman idea and turn it into some special snowmen all your own! Have fun! 🙂

Is It Too Soon to Build a Snowman?

How do you feel about snowmen? I love them!! Especially the crafty kind that you can make in your house and they never melt! 😉 We had some cold days recently that felt like winter and we even had a light dusting of snow, so I got to thinking about snowmen and decided to make some. (Now it’s warmed back up and the temperature has been in the 60’s.) This is an easy craft for kids and takes just some “normal” kind of things you might have around your house. Let’s take a look at my snowmen…

I thought they turned out to be pretty cute! Some things that you’ll need to make these snowmen are empty toilet paper rolls, white paint, paint brush, pipe cleaners, small pom poms, ribbon or yarn or felt, maybe a button or two, wiggly eyes, orange and black markers and either a bottle of glue or a glue gun. (I used the glue gun.)

The first step is to paint the empty toilet paper rolls with white paint. Let them dry however long your type of paint requires.

Glue on 2 wiggly eyes. It doesn’t really matter what size the wiggly eyes are. I used 3 different sizes for my snowmen.

Cut a pipe cleaner in half…or even smaller…to use for the top part of the snowman’s ear muffs. Glue the 2 ends to opposite sides of the toilet paper roll. Place the ends on either side of the eyes in a place where the snowman’s ears might be if he had some. 😉

Next glue a pom pom over each end of the pipe cleaner to finish making the ear muffs.

Use the orange marker to draw a triangle below the wiggly eyes to be the snowman’s carrot nose. Use the black marker to draw on a mouth and eyebrows. (I drew the eyebrows on after I took the next picture. Oops!)

For the snowman’s scarf you can use pieces of yarn or ribbon or felt or fabric…you get the idea. 😉 For this snowman, I put 3 pieces of yarn together. Glue the scarf in one spot on the back of the snowman. Then wrap each side around to the front and cross one side over the other and glue in place.

I glued a little star button on top of where the 2 sides cross in the front. You can add 3 black dots for the stones or buttons on the snowman’s tummy, if you like.

And there you are! Great job! You’ve made a snowman! 🙂

For my second snowman, I followed the same steps, but for his/her scarf I took 3 pieces of yarn and braided them together. I tucked one end around the other in front, like you do when you are beginning to tie your shoes. Then I glued it in place.

For my third snowman, I again followed the same steps, except this time I made his/her scarf out of a piece of ribbon. And I glued on a matching button.

You can make your snowman look however you like. He/she might look different because you have different materials to use than what I had. You can shape his/her mouth in different ways to make him/her look happy or sad or silly. I’m sure he or she will look great! The important thing is to have fun making your snowmen! 🙂