Making Snowmen From Craft Sticks

Today we are thinking of all those that are getting hit by the historic Winter Storm Olive! Yikes! In support of you, we are making some friendly snowmen using craft sticks. (Or some might call them popsicle sticks.) We used the wider sticks for our snowmen. Here’s a sneak peek! 😉

You will need 1 wide craft stick for each snowman plus glue, markers, small wiggly eyes, confetti type decorations (or just draw “buttons” on with markers), white paint, paintbrush, small pieces of pipe cleaners and a bit of black paper. (Or white paper that you color black.)

Begin by painting your craft sticks white and allowing them time to dry.

Once the paint is dry, glue 2 small wiggly eyes on each stick.

Using the markers, draw a carrot nose and a mouth on each snowman. If you add a few tiny lines to each orange carrot nose, the nose will look more realistic. 😉

Now wrap a piece of a pipe cleaner around the stick to be the snowman’s scarf. Twist the ends together once.

Glue on 3 small decorations for the snowman’s buttons or use your markers to draw some buttons.

If you would like your snowman to have a hat, color the top part of the stick with a black marker.

To finish making the hat, cut a very small strip of black paper and glue it on at the bottom of the black area you just colored in.

And that’s it! Your snowmen are finished! If you would like to hang up your snowmen, you can glue a magnet or a loop of string to the back of each one.

I hope everyone enjoys making their snowmen and that each and every one of you stays safe and warm! Hang on! Spring will be here soon! 🙂