It’s December 1st! Let’s Look at an Advent Calendar.

And just like that, it’s December! Does your family have an advent calendar? Our family hasn’t done one before, but this year I decided to get a Lego Friends Advent calendar. Each day I will share with you whatever little surprise shows up behind that day’s door. 🙂

Advent calendars help us count down the days until Christmas Day. There are soooo many kinds of Advent calendars out there! They have them for Lego, Hot Wheels, Matchbox cars, Play Doh, chocolate, beauty products, jewelry, pets, wine, The Elf on the Shelf, rubber ducks, candles and the list goes on and on!! You can buy them premade or make one of your own.

Back to our Lego Friends Advent Calendar…the first picture is from the front of the box. Now let’s look at the backside.

From the backside of the box, you can carefully cut through the tape holding it closed and a flap will open up. You can make a fun Christmas scene here by adding each day’s surprise Lego set after you put it together.

There are separate little closed doors marked on the box and each door is labeled with a number.

The numbers are not in order so you get to do a little search to find each day’s numbered door. Today is December 1, so let’s find the box marked with a 1. There it is!

Let’s carefully open door #1…look what’s inside!

A small pack of Lego pieces…

Hmm…I wonder what these make? There aren’t any printed directions to build from, but after looking at the box a bit, I think these pieces make Santa’s chair.

Yes, they do! How fun!

Ok, I’m putting the chair in the Christmas scene!

I wonder what will be behind tomorrow’s door? Check back tomorrow to find out! 🙂 This is going to be lots of fun!

Fun With a Little Lego

If you are looking for something small to brighten your kid’s day, how about a little package of Lego? Have you seen the small packages of the minifigures Lego? You may find different colored packages that are from different series. This one is from series 23 and is the one I’ve seen the most recently in stores near us. The price seems to be $4.99 every place I’ve seen them for sale.

These little packages contain 1 minifigure and half the fun is the suspense of wondering which minifigure will be inside your package! For this series, there are 12 different figures available and they all look like fun!

Ok, it’s time to open the package!! Drum rolllllllllll…..! Which one will we get?!

We got the Sugar Fairy! 🙂 Yay! These are the parts included in this bag.

The Sugar Fairy has a two-sided face so you get to decide which one you will see by how you put the figure together.

It was fun putting her together! 🙂 A base for her to stand on was included as well as an extra crown.

Here she is!

Now she can hang out with Butterfly Girl! 😉

No matter which figure is inside your package, it’s bound to bring some smiles and fun!