Super Easy, Super Fast Snack!

Hello again! 🙂 Sorry I’ve not posted much for a few days! It’s been a rather crazy time here with a few small crisis thrown in lately, but I hope to be back to posting more next week.

So are you ready for a super easy, super fast snack idea? Here it is: tortilla chips and cheese! Bring out of bag of tortilla chips…

Open a jar of cheese dip…

Put some cheese dip in a little bowl and warm it for a few seconds in the microwave.

Put them together and chow down! Yum!!

Are you drooling yet? 😉

If that isn’t flavorful enough for your taste buds, add a little salsa too!

Voila! You’ll have a very yummy snack in a matter of just a couple of minutes! 🙂 Enjoy!

Taste Testing Tuesday #36 Salty Snacks

We’re back for more fun with Taste Testing Tuesday! Ok, I know they aren’t always the healthiest snack to eat, but who doesn’t get a craving for some salty snacks sometimes? Today we’re going to test a few and see what we think. We’re testing 5 kinds of salty snacks. Which ones will you test for your family?

Make a chart similar to the one we made for testing carrots so the kids can have fun adding silly faces for each salty snack you try.

#1.) Tostitos tortilla chips.

#2.) Simply Cheetos White Cheddar Puffs. (Ok, I am drooling on my laptop….)

#3.) Ruffles Cheddar and Sour Cream Potato Chips

#4.) Lays Classic Potato Chips

#5.) Doritos Nacho Cheese chips

Ok, now for the taste testing results! Which kind of salty snack is your favorite? I think my favorite of these 5 kinds would be the Cheetos Puffs. 🙂 YUM!! And what is your least favorite? My least favorite would be the Doritos. I hope you have fun with today’s Taste Testing Tuesday! 🙂

Taste Testing Tuesday – #6

It’s Tuesday again and time for your favorite blog post – Taste Testing Tuesday! 🙂 Today we’re checking out some tasty foods that go great with tortilla chips. (Most kids like tortilla chips, right? Let’s sneak in getting them to try some new foods that go great with them.) Get a piece of paper ready with your chart to write down what each person thinks of each taste test. Here’s the goodies we used this time: Tortilla chips…

Taco flavored hamburger…


Refried beans with some cheddar cheese…

And hummus.

Guacamole and Hummus can be bought or you can make your own. I found LOTS of recipes for each online. Make it a fun time with your Taste Test by having everyone try the new things at the same time. Dish some of each food out on each person’s plate and give them a handful of tortilla chips. Letting each one draw a smiley face on their chart adds to the fun.

Feel free to switch out any of the food items we used and add some of your own. Salsa and sour cream could also be fun foods to add. Even mixing some of the foods together might be a hit. Enjoy! I hope everyone finds something new that they like! 🙂