“I’m bored!”

The dreaded complaint…”I’m bored, Mom! There’s nothing to do!” And it generally comes from a kid that has toys hanging out the wazoo! “How can you possibly be bored?!”, we wonder. It’s time to think up something different for your little prince or princess to do. That’s where I come in! 🙂 My hope is to share with you ideas that you haven’t thought of or haven’t thought of in a long time or ideas I have might have a little different twist on. Let’s start out with a simple one…it’s a simple one ingredient activity that most folks will have on hand.

Shaving cream…

Shaving cream…shaving cream?! Yep! One word of warning,..if your kiddo is little and still puts things in his/her mouth, I’d suggest using Whip Cream instead. Then if they lick their fingers, it’s not a problem. Spray some cream out on your kitchen counter top and let them have at it!

We spread our pile of foam out into a big circle…

Depending on the child’s age, this could be a fun way to practice drawing letters, numbers or shapes.

Or silly faces…

Scoop some up with some spoons…

Use a few cookie cutters…wiggle them around just a bit so they leave a mark behind when you pick them up.

Find some washable toys that can have fun in the “snow”…

And especially for boys (but girls too) let them drive some cars around in the deep snow!

Keep a wet paper towel handy for wiping off fingers that get a little too much shaving cream on them at one time. When play time is over, wipe the shaving cream up with paper towels or a wet washrag and you’re done! 🙂 It’s a simple, cheap, easy activity for your lovable littles! And you get a clean counter top out of it! 😉

4 thoughts on ““I’m bored!”

  1. I forgot about using shaving cream to play in! I see that game in our near future on these cold days inside… 😊


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