Twisty Fun

BRRRR!! It’s COLD here today!! Temperatures are below zero and the windchill is down to between -35 to -40!! It’s a stay-in-the-house-don’t-stick-your-nose-outside kind of day! All our local schools are closed and even some colleges and businesses. This calls for some indoor fun! Today it takes shape in the form of pipe cleaners or as some folks call them, chenille stems. They are very inexpensive for a pack, come in all sorts of colors and they will provide hours of fun! My current pack has 5 different colors in it.

They are made with a wire down the center of the soft fuzzies, so one word of caution – the ends can be a bit sharp sometimes. I like to bend the ends over just a little to prevent any pokes to little fingers. (Or big fingers!) Hand a few to the kids and see what they come up with. Sometimes I find the best response to what they make to be “Oh, wow! That is so cool! Can you tell me about it?” (Rather than saying, “Umm, what in the world IS that?!”)

Since Valentine’s Day isn’t far off, how about making some hearts?

Circles are always neat! I took 2 colors and twisted them together, bent them into a circle and then twisted the ends over each other to hold the shape.

Circles are great for bracelets…

Grab a few bottles or funnels or anything a circle will fit over the top on and have a game of Ring Toss. Each player can make their circles in the colors of their choice and they will be able to tell which ones are theirs.

Speaking of circles, take a single pipe cleaner and thread letter beads on it to make a special word or a name.

Stick people can be pretty entertaining. This is just a simple one, but you could add other things to your person like a hat or purse or umpteen other things.

Little prince and princesses will love to wear a crown! It doesn’t have to be perfect or fancy…if you say its a crown and you put it on their head, they will most likely think its awesome!

Isn’t Rusty so handsome modeling this one?

Of course, a prince or princess needs a scepter to wield! And a scepter can be made many ways.

Flowers are usually a hit too. You can make several flowers so the kids can present Grandma or Mom with a bouquet they made just for her. Grandmas like flower bouquets. πŸ˜‰ This would be a cute Mother’s Day idea!

Once you get started making pipe cleaner “wonderfulness”, you will come up with more and more ideas of things to make. Remember, we’re not looking for perfection here, but for fun! Enjoy! Now I’ll head back to my blanket and warm drink! πŸ™‚

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