World Read Aloud Day

Today is World Read Aloud Day! I actually didn’t know about this until I saw a friend’s post on Facebook but today is the 10th annual celebration. Reading aloud to children is SUCH a good thing for them! I loved reading aloud to our children and its something my husband and I did often when our kids were little. I believe it helped them become better readers themselves. And since our grandchildren came along, we love reading with them too. Oh, the places you can go with a book! I hope to use this blog to share some of our favorite stories!

So take some time today with your favorite little people to read a story or two together. Children also benefit when they can spend time reading TO an adult. Young kids love to be read to by older siblings, mom or dad, Grandma and Grandpa, aunts & uncles…you get the picture! Grab that blanket, snuggle up with that special kiddo and sail off together into a fantastic adventure! For more information about World Read Aloud Day head over to this website:

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