Funny Friday Snack

Let’s start your weekend off with a quirky snack for the kids! Apple mouths are sure to make them smile!

All you need to get started is an apple, some peanut butter and some miniature marshmallows. I used the teeny tiny marshmallows, like the kind that go in hot chocolate.

Remove the core and cut the apple into medium sized slices, leaving the peel on.

Then pair up the slices so the pieces are close to the same size. Those that were originally side by side will work the best.

Spread a thin layer of peanut butter on the two sides of the apple slices that were touching.

Line up some marshmallows on the bottom apple slice.

Lay the second apple slice on top of the marshmallows and…ta dah! You have an apple mouth! 🙂

Ooops! It looks like someone didn’t brush their teeth like they should have and they got a cavity! (A raisin…or a chocolate chip…lol)

Makes for a yummy, healthy snack for both little people and their bigger caregivers. Our dog even thought the apple and peanut butter part was quite tasty!

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