Monster Monday

Hope you had a great weekend! Today I’m sharing one of my favorite books with you. It’s a Little Golden Book and it’s Titled The Monster at the end of this Book…written by Jon Stone and illustrated by Michael Smollin. Lovable, furry old Grover from Sesame Street is the main character and he is as adorable as always.

The story begins with Grover realizing that the title of the book involves a MONSTER being at the end of the book and he thinks that sounds rather scary!

In fact, he thinks it sounds so scary that we really shouldn’t read any farther!

He implores sweetly “So please do not turn the page.” Of course, most kids are not going to go for that idea…you sat down to read this book, right?! Forward ho!

Much to Grover’s dismay, you DO turn the page. Grover tries several other interesting ways to stop us from reaching the end of the book. Things that might involve ropes, nails and cement…and even some begging. He eggs the kids on by suggesting they won’t be able to turn the page which, of course, makes them want to show that they certainly can! It has a cute, funny ending even if it is a bit embarrassing for Grover. πŸ˜‰ Its been kid-approved in our house by our kids and grand kids and I think you and your kids will give it a thumbs up too!

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