Magic Snake

I found a cool new toy yesterday at Walmart. 🙂 It’s called the Magic Snake Twisty Puzzle Toy and it cost right around $5.00. I’m thinking that this could be fun even for the older kids…like this Grandma! 😉

This is what the back of the package looks like:

The pieces are all connected but you can twist them around to make different shapes. It was in the shape of a diamond when I took it out of the package. (And I fear it won’t be back in the diamond shape until a grand kid comes and figures out how to get it to do that again!)

I spent a little time trying to figure it out. I managed to make it all into one straight line. (I was quite proud of myself!)

Next, I figured out how to make it into a square. (Really amazing, don’t ya think? Yes, I took a picture of each thing I made that looked like something that really exists. I need documentation just in case I can’t do it again!)

And then there is my greatest feat to date – ta dah! Can you tell what it’s supposed to be?

(Yes, it’s a snake! Very fitting since it’s called a Magic Snake!) There weren’t any real instructions with it but there were a few pictures of ideas of things you can make with it.

So I am really liking the looks of those…especially the giraffe! But I might need some grand kids to come show me how to do that! Any volunteers?? 🙂

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