Favorite Kids Magazine

There is at least one kids magazine that has stood the test of time and that’s Highlights. I loved this magazine when I was a kid! (Yes, back in the dark ages!) My kids loved it and now my grand kids do too. 🙂

They still include some of the wonderful regular features that were there when I was little. The pictures look a bit different, but its fun to see some of the features I always looked for when I was a child. Such as…The Timbertoes…

Goofus and Gallant…one not-so-nice boy and one nice boy. For example, in the March 2019 issue Alexandra, age 8, from North Caroline wrote, “I felt like Goofus when I said something mean to my brother.” and Walter, age 6, from Minnesota said, “I felt like Gallant when I shoveled snow off my neighbor’s sidewalk.” There’s some Goofus and Gallant in each of us, isn’t there?

One very popular feature is Hidden Pictures! There are even individual books published that are entirely made up of Hidden Pictures. Its challenging to see if you can find all the little pictures hidden in the big picture. And I see from the front of the magazine that there is even a Hidden Pictures app! (Available from the Apple App Store and on Google Play)

There are always some fun stories to read together.

Another section that kids love is the “Your Own Pages”. Children can send in their own creative work such as pictures they have drawn or poems they’ve written to be included in an issue of Highlights. I’m always impressed by what I see there!

In the March 2019 issue, there is a cute Picture Puzzler to solve. A prankster is on the loose! Someone took an item from one of the shops and hid it. But they left some clues behind! Kids can enjoy playing detective while they figure out who the mischief-maker is, what was taken and where it was hidden.

The back of the magazine has a “What’s Wrong?” picture with things that are silly for you to find. Such as a monkey coming out of a lunch bag…whoa!

Did you love Highlights as a child? How about your kids or grand kids? Maybe you’ve never read one? Either way, check out your local library or bookstore for some wonderful reading fun with stories, puzzles, crafts and learning made fun! 🙂

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