The Kitten Who Thought He Was a Mouse

When I was little, I loved kitties! And I loved the story book version of cute, adorable, sweet little mice. (I have since changed my mind about the mice…well, I still like story book ones, just not the real critters who sneak into our home uninvited!) So when I found a book that involved both of these wonderful things, I was a smitten kitten. This book became one of my most treasured stories.

Not long ago, I found this book in a store and was thrilled to see it’s still in print!

One summer day the Miggs family of mice, find a small gray and black bundle of fur in their nest. They decide to adopt the tiny baby kitten into their family and they name him Mickey.

Mickey begins to grow and becomes a happy “mouse”, not realizing that he is indeed a kitten. He learns about the mice way of life and to be afraid of cats.

As Mickey Miggs grows he becomes better and better at being a mouse and can sniff out good food scraps to share with his brother and sisters.

But as you might guess, Mickey begins to find out that he is a bit different from his family but he also learns that maybe that isn’t such a bad thing. šŸ˜Š I won’t give away the ending but your kids might enjoy sharing this sweet story with you. šŸ­šŸ±

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