Monday Giveaway!

Happy Monday to you! And Happy April Fool’s Day! Did anyone trick you already? When our kids were little, my husband started an April Fool’s joke with them that he has played on them every year since. Yep, he stills plays it on them, but now he just sends a text message. 😉 It involves a purple horse in the front yard or running down the road in front of the house. I still remember the shocked look on their faces as they ran to the window to see this amazing horse! (I’m pretty sure they were planning to ask if we could catch him and keep him!) Today he changed it up a bit…today’s joke involved a black bear in the back yard and feeding it dog treats. Somehow they all caught on to the joke with our daughter even asking if it was purple. LOL Today begins our week of giveaways – one giveaway of a fun item for kids each day! To be entered in the drawing, just respond to my daily question. Today’s question is: Do you play April Fool’s jokes on others on April 1st or is that not really your thing? Today’s prize is a package of 5 colors of water beads! To read more about them, go to my blog post of Ooey Gooey Fun!

For another entry into the drawing, you can also leave your response on my Facebook page. (If you aren’t a member, I think you will have to join first.) Here’s the link: Your time to enter each day is 9:00am to 9:00pm EST. Good luck! Have a great April Fool’s Day!

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