Daddies, kids & cookies

Daddies are the best, right? They are so much fun to play with, they teach you cool things, they make you feel safe…our list could go on and on with good things about daddies, couldn’t it? But there is something I need to warn you about. Something you need to watch out for. Are you ready for this?? Ok here it is…Daddies. Love. Cookies.

Did you know that?? Yes, they really do!! Daddies love cookies sooo much that they have been known to sneak cookies from other people!! Whaaaat, you say?! Yes…I know it’s hard to believe but, it’s true! I’ve seen it happen with my own eyes! 👀 So here’s what you have to do: if you have any cookies, keep a close watch on your daddy. Watch his nose. Does it start twitching like he is smelling something yummy? Does he casually say, “Mmm! What smells so good?” Does he sit down close to you and ask you “Whatcha got there, sweetie?” Then most importantly watch his hands!! He might slowly, slowly slide one hand closer and closer to your cookie until…POOF! Your cookie disappears and there is a mysterious smile on your daddy’s face. And the best clue of all can be found by looking at his mouth. Is he suddenly chewing but he doesn’t have any food in front of him? Quick, count your cookies and see if any are missing!! 😳

Another way daddies have been known to sneak cookies is when you have a bag with cookies in it and your name is written on the outside of the bag. Daddies can be sneaky about crossing off your name and writing their name on it! Yes! I’ve seen this with my own eyes too! I even have proof! Look at this picture and tell me what you see:

See? What did I tell you?! 😳 Wow! So what do you think we should do about this problem? It’s really hard to watch your daddy ALL the time! You know what? I think I have a great idea! Why don’t we just SHARE our cookies with our daddies? If we give him one or two cookies, then he might not want to sneak any more! Do you think that might work? That’s what I am going to try because we all know…Daddies. Love. Cookies! And we love daddies, don’t we? 😍🥰. The moral of the story is you can trust daddies with your life, but not with your cookies!

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