One More Butterfly Post

I just have to take a minute more on butterflies! We had another butterfly emerge from its chrysalis yesterday and this time it’s a BOY!! We have had a lot more girls so I just had to share a picture of Bert the Butterfly!

Do you remember how to tell if it is a boy or girl? See those 2 little black dots on the bottom set of his wings? Yep, that means it’s a boy. It was a little chilly here this morning and so Bert wasn’t too excited about flying at first. He sat with his wings closed quite a while but once I moved the flower pot into the sun, he thought that felt lovely! Let’s see if I can show you a video of him flexing his wings in the sun.

Notice how he moves to the top of the flower, getting ready for take off. Just after I stopped recording the video, Bert was up, up and away! BUT…guess what I found while taking our dog outside this morning? Can you guess?

Yep!! Another Monarch caterpillar! 😄 And so the butterfly saga continues!!

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