Valentine Fun

Ready for Valentine’s Day tomorrow? If you are still looking for an easy way to make some Valentines, here’s my blog post from last year with a fun idea! Enjoy!

The Kids Niche

Tomorrow is the day of love and hearts, candy and flowers – Valentine’s Day! Are you looking for some inexpensive fun for the kids? Today I’m sharing one simple way to make some homemade Valentines. I used 3 colors of construction paper (red, pink & purple), 2 different sized cookie cutters, a pencil, scissors, glue and a marker. First I traced around the larger heart shaped cookie cutter 3 times on each piece of paper using a pencil. Then I discovered if I turned my cookie cutter over, I could trace around that side and get a slightly smaller heart shape. I filled up the space that was left on each color of paper by tracing around a much smaller heart shaped cookie cutter.

If the kids are big enough to help cut out the hearts, I suggest cutting them apart first to make them easier to handle. More than…

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