Let’s Draw a Cow

Let’s have some fun today learning to draw a cow. Well, a cow’s head, to be more exact. She’s a pretty happy and friendly cow and I hope you will like her. I think she needs a name, so let’s call her Bessie.

Grab a pencil or a marker and a piece of paper. Let’s go! First draw an oval laying on it’s side.

Next, add part of a rounded rectangle on top of the oval.

Now add 2 circles in the partial rectangle down close to the oval for Bessie’s eyes. Draw 2 more circles inside the oval that will be her nose holes.

Great job! Now color the nose holes in solid with your writing utensil. Draw a curved line inside her eye holes and color in the bottom part.

Give Bessie 3 eyelashes on each eye. She needs a mouth too, so draw a curved line to give her a smile.

Bessie needs to be able to hear when the farmer calls her into the barn for supper, so let’s give her 2 ears.

Two horns on the top of her head come next.

Now you can color Bessie whatever color you’d like her to be. I decided my cow would be white with some black patches and also black ears.

And Bessie is all done! I hope you had fun leaning to draw your new friend! Thanks for visiting!

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