Sharing Free Corner Bookmarks

I love sharing free things to help you or just things to make you and your kids’ lives more fun! Today’s fun comes from The Country Chic Cottage in the form of free corner bookmarks. Angie is offering 3 corner bookmarks that you can print, fold and use on your favorite books. All you do is sign up for their email newsletter and she will send the files for the bookmarks to your email address. Here is the link to go to her page: These bookmarks are cute, fast and fun! There is a video or pictures to help show you how to easily make these. Let me show you the ones I enjoyed making. πŸ™‚

Click on the link above and sign up for her newsletter. When the files come to your email address, open them and print the ones you’d like to make. You’ll need scissors and double sided tape or glue.

Cut out each shape using your scissors.

Turn the bookmark over and fold in one side of the semi-circle over the square.

Fold in the second printed semi-circle in the same way.

With one side folded in, apply the double-sided tape or glue to the top of the semi-circle you folded in first.

Fold the second side on top and you’ve made your corner bookmark!

I printed and made all 3 bookmarks.

Now you can keep your place in your book marked until you can read the next time. πŸ™‚

A special thanks to Angie at for sharing this fun project! πŸ™‚

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