Washcloth Animals – #1 – Bunny

Have you ever made an animal out of a washcloth? This week I’ll be sharing how you can do just that and how to make 3 different animals. Today’s craft is making a bunny from a washcloth.

This can be a fun project for kids to do or we’ve even made these for baby shower favors. They are cute, cuddly and easy to make. Depending on the age of the child the bunny is being made for, you can decide on how many details you want to add. You’ll need 1 washcloth, 1 rubber band and a piece of ribbon. Other things you might want to use include 2 wiggly eyes, a small pompom, a medium sized pompom and some glue. Lay the washcloth flat on the surface you’ll be working on.

Grab one corner of the washcloth and take fold it across to the opposite diagonal corner so you have a triangle.

Starting at the point across from the long side, begin rolling the washcloth tightly until you’ve formed one long roll.

Fold the roll in half…

Holding the 2 strips together fold them the other direction.

Can you see where the bunny’s ears will be? Take a minute now and make sure the 2 sides look about even on the end of the fold. This will be the bunny’s face.

Holding the “ears” back, put a rubber band around the “face” end.

Now you can fluff up the bunny’s ear and make sure the face part looks rounded.

Tie a piece of ribbon around the neck area to hide the rubber band.

Your bunny can be finished now or you can continue on to add a few more details. You can glue on 2 wiggly eyes.

A little pompom can be glued on for a nose.

A medium sized pompom can be glued on for a tail.

And there you have it! Your adorable bunny is finished and ready for some hugs!

I hope you enjoyed making a bunny from a washcloth! Be sure to check back on Wednesday when we’ll be making a teddy bear from a washcloth! 🙂

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