A Surprise Green Visitor!

Today I was walking across the yard with our dog, Rusty, when he stopped suddenly and started sniffing something. Then he jerked back and growled a little. When I got closer to where he was, I was surprised to see that we had an unexpected visitor in our yard! Can you guess what it was?

He carries his house with him wherever he goes. He’s dark green on the outside…has 4 legs and a tail. He’s hiding but I bet you can tell what he is by looking at his house. It’s a…..

TURTLE!! I bet you guessed that right, didn’t you? Let’s take a little closer peek at him…

Well, hello, Mr. Turtle! (Or maybe it’s Mrs.?) In this next picture you can see what size he was compared to the size of my foot.

Peek-a-boo! 😉

As long as we were close to him, he stayed all tucked safely inside his shell. But when we walked away he moved on across the yard. It brought some excitement to our day! Thanks for visiting us, Mr. Turtle! 🙂

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