Games For New Year’s Eve

Are you planning a party for your family to welcome in the New Year? This year we will be having a quiet evening at home, just my husband and I, due to Covid restrictions. It’s not what we would like to be doing, but we will make the best of the situation. Our family likes to play games together on New Year’s Eve. In fact, I remember many special New Year’s Eves as I was growing up that my family got together with good friends and played games until the New Year arrived. Playing a game is a great way to have some quality time together as a family. So what games do you like to play? Here are some of the games we have at our house:

#1.) Pit – This is seriously one of my all-time favorite games. It’s not hard to learn but it is a lively game of trading cards while you try to get the corner on one grain.

This is an older version that we’ve had for years so the new game probably looks a lot different. It’s a blast to play but its rather loud, so don’t play it when the baby is sleeping. 😉

#2.) Uno. This is another great game for families. The idea is to be the first player to run out of cards. It’s great fun to make someone “Draw Two” or “Skip” them. Even better is giving them a “Draw Four”. But just be sure that when you dish those cards out to someone else that you are prepared for paybacks! ha!

#3.) Crazy Eights. This is a good game for younger kids that involves matching numbers or shapes.

#4.) Battleship. This is only a 2 player game but still lots of fun. See who can sink the other person’s ships first.

#5.) Scrabble. This game is all about making high scoring words so you need to be able to read and spell to play this one.

#6.) Yahtzee. Another of my favorite games while growing up that was played at our house quite often. It’s all about rolling dice and getting the right combination of numbers to fill up your score sheet. If you can roll the same number on all 5 dice within 3 rolls, then you made….you guessed it…a Yahtzee!

I realized when looking at our selection of games today, that we really need to add a few more! We seem to be missing some of the younger crowd’s games like Chutes and Ladders or Candy Land or Memory. What is your family’s favorite game? Tune in tomorrow when we’ll talk about some fun games you can play with kids if all you have is a deck of playing cards. 🙂

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