Taste Testing Tuesday #45 – Greens from the Garden

It’s Tuesday again and you know what that means! Time for another Taste Test! Do you have a garden where you live? We have 6 garden boxes this year and in one of them we have salad greens growing. Greens are soooo good for you and help you to be healthy and they don’t get any fresher than straight from the garden! But maybe you don’t have a garden…no, problem! Grocery stores carry a lot of greens especially this time of year. And be sure to look for a local Farmer’s Market where they might have fresh greens from nearby.

Different types of greens have different flavors. Some are more mild while some are more spicy. Let’s talk about the 6 types we have growing at our house. You can do a taste test with whatever greens are available close to you.

#1.) Romaine Lettuce. This is a more mild kind of greens and one you are likely to find served in restaurants. It will grow into a long shaped head if it is left to grow long enough. We like to eat the baby greens before they get that big.

#2.) Arugula. Arugula is a stronger tasting green and a bit on the spicy side. But it adds a nice taste to a mixed salad. There are different shapes for different types of Arugula.

#3.) Kale. Kale is a superfood because it is so good for you to eat! These pieces of Kale were picked when they were small yet, but Kale can grow into very big leaves and is still good to eat.

#4.) Swiss Chard. Swiss Chard is also a superfood. The stems on Swiss Chard can be different colors. Notice the stems on the pieces in this picture. See how some look red/purple and some look yellow? It makes a salad even prettier. Swiss Chard greens have a little stronger taste to them.

#5.) Lettuce Mixture. The packet of seeds that these greens grew from was called a Lettuce Mixture. So there are different colors and shapes of lettuce here. These have a mild taste.

#6.) Spinach. Fresh Spinach makes a great salad! Strawberries and Spinach go together well. And Spinach is another superfood!

So, grab your favorite salad dressing and let the taste testing begin! You might try having a small cup with some dressing in it and letting the kids (and adults!) dip a piece of each kind of green you have into the dressing. After you know which are your favorites, you can use those to make a nice salad for a meal.

Let the kids add some of their favorite salad toppings and dressing and you have a super healthy meal ready to go! (If you’d like to see some suggestions for some yummy salad toppings, go back and check out my Taste Testing Tuesday #11.) https://thekidsniche.com/2020/10/20/taste-testing-tuesday-11/

Here’s to hoping your taste test will help you and your family find some new healthy greens that you can enjoy while also having a healthy meal! Thanks for stopping by! Enjoy! 🙂

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