Oh, the Things You Can Learn With Buttons!

Hi everyone! We’re back and so glad to have our electricity and internet back today after some strong thunderstorms moved through yesterday. Did you miss us? 😉

There are so many fun (and educational) things you can do with a simple bag of buttons! Let’s talk about some today! An egg carton will come in handy while playing with the buttons.

You’ll need some buttons that are the same kind and the same color. I can’t remember where I found these buttons but I think it was either Joann Fabrics or Walmart. If you’d like to use little containers to store your buttons in after the playing is done, I found these at the Dollar Tree store.

And yep, they come with lids.

My first suggestion is to dump the bag of buttons out on the table…

…and let your kids sort them into the little sections in an egg carton. The action of picking up each button is good for practicing fine motor skills and matching colors.

You can count how many buttons there are of each color. Or practice making numbers…

…or letters.

You can ask your child to count out a certain number of buttons of a certain color. For instance, count out 10 yellow buttons.

Depending on the age of your child, you can practice some addition problems by showing all the ways 2 numbers can add up to 10.

As a reward for counting and doing letters and numbers, give your child a bit of free time to make his/her own designs out of the colored buttons. Remember, all designs are GREAT and should be appreciated by others and not criticized. 😉

You can ask your kiddo to make something in particular. For instance, make a square using blue buttons.

Or make a square using blue buttons and put 1 yellow button inside the square.

You can make a pattern and have your child continue making the pattern. Orange, yellow, blue, green and pink…

Or make a line of the pattern and have your child add a few more matching lines.

I hope you will also be a good sport and let your child ask YOU to have a turn by doing the activity they suggest for you! 😉 I’m sure you will even think of more fun things to do with buttons than the ones I’ve shared here. Have fun and sneak a little learning in there too! 😉

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